The City of Port Phillip's location combined with better than average bicycle facilities provides a unique opportunity to promote bike riding as a healthy and environmentally friendly form of transport.

The City contains an extensive on and off-road bicycle network connecting the majority of areas within the municipality. There are 38 km of on-road routes and 21 km of off-road routes. Perfect for you to get on your bike and start discovering the many local bike riding groups, find riding resources including maps and request a new spot to park your bike.

Port Phillip also has in excess of 900 bicycle racks located in all shopping centres, foreshore areas and railway stations. Many of these can be found by searching 'public bike parking' in Google Maps.

Boosting bike riding is a key focus of the Move, Connect, Live - Integrated Transport Strategy 2018-28. Ten actions will guide Council over the next ten years to improve bike riding infrastructure and networks across Port Phillip and motivate more people to ride more often and to more places.

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Inkerman Safe Travel Corridor

The Inkerman Safe Travel Corridor has been identified as a priority as it has the greatest potential to reduce pedestrian, bike rider and driver crashes. It also has the potential to attract new bike riders. It will create a continuous protected corridor to the CBD by connecting with the Victorian Government’s St Kilda Road bike lanes.

The design process for the corridor will consider protected or painted buffered bike lanes that run on Inkerman Street between St Kilda Road and Hotham Street. Protected bike lanes shield bike riders from both moving traffic and people exiting parked cars, while painted buffers provide more space between moving traffic and people exiting parked cars. They also shorten crossing distances for pedestrians and slow traffic making the street safer for all road users.

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Festival of Everyday Riding

A key focus of Council's Move, Connect, Live - Integrated Transport Strategy 2018-28 is boosting bike riding in the City of Port Phillip. One major action is the roll out of a network of dedicated and continuous protected bike corridors to create safer routes for all ages and abilities.

A Festival of Everyday Riding will be held annually to encourage everyone to come and ride along the City's exciting new bike corridors!

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Benefits of riding to work

Personal benefits of riding to work include improved health and a sense of wellbeing, saving money and saving time. Workplaces benefit from increased productivity as a result of improved fitness and mental health. The community benefits from reduced traffic congestion and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Workplace support

We support local workplaces to host their own events on Ride2Work Day each year and provide resources needed to promote the day to their staff. Stay tuned for more information about Ride2Work Day please email

Bike repair hubs at South Melbourne Market

We’re partnering with our friends at Back2Bikes to provide a monthly pop-up bike repair hub at South Melbourne Market - opposite Chef's Hat on Cecil Street. Take your tired tyres, wobbly wheels and groaning gears to our workshop for a free tune-up from 10 am to 1 pm on the following dates:

  • 26 August
  • 23 September
  • 28 October
  • 25 November
  • 23 December

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