Current tenders

Find Council's current tenders and standards, and head to TenderLink for full details.

Procurement Policy

The Procurement Policy has been developed in accordance with Section 186A of the Local Government Act 1989. The Procurement Policy encompasses the principles, processes and procedures applied to the purchases of goods, services and works.

The purpose of this Policy is to provide guidance to ensure consistency and control over all procurement activities. The Policy is a best practice model developed to address the principles of ethics, value for money, responsibilities and accountabilities.

Child Safe Standards

Anyone involved in the delivery of activities, programs and services that engage with children and young people must understand and comply with legislation and regulations relating to child safety including the Victorian Child Safe Standards (CSS). Compliance with these standards will form part of all contracts, service agreements, purchase orders, grants or funding arrangements for service or programs that engage with children and young people.

The Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) provides introductory information sessions. The sessions provide an overview of each standard and how to apply them. Upcoming session are listed on the CCYP website.

Information on the CCYP website will support your organisation to understand your responsibility under the CSS legislation. For further information about how the City of Port Phillip keeps children and young people safe people you can contact our Child Safety Officer via (03) 9209 6777.

Code of Conduct for Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers

We are committed to providing a structure that ensures ethical behaviour. As a contractor, consultant or supplier to Council please ensure you are aware of the requirements.

Project tender timetable

ProjectProcurement TypeFY2019-2020
Adventure Playgrounds UpgradeContractor: Supply and installQ4
SES Action 09 and 14 Energy Efficiency and Solar Program 2018-19Contractor: Supply and install HVACQ3
EcoCentre RedevelopmentConstructQ4
Palais Theatre Renewal and UpgradesConstructQ3
St Kilda Town Hall Security UpgradeConstructQ3
South Melbourne Town Hall Building Renewal WorksConsultant: HVACQ4
Wellington Street Upgrade Stage 3ConstructQ3
Public Space Lighting Renewal and Upgrade Program 2019/20ConstructQ4
JL Murphy Play Space UpgradeConstructQ4
Elwood Park oval lighting (4 x ovals)ConstructQ3
Elwood Park soccer field reconstructionConstructQ3
St Vincent Gardens playgroundConstructQ3
Beach access and water safety signsContractorQ3
Garden City Shared PathDesignQ3
Graham Street Skate Park UpgradeConstructQ4
J L Murphy Reserve - Playground UpgradeConstructQ4
Rotary Park - Playground UpgradeConstructQ4
Point Ormond - Playground UpgradeConstructQ3
Foreshore public accessibility improvements (West Beach)ConstructQ4
HVM (priority site design) Acland StreetDesignQ4
Missing LinkContractorQ4
HVM (Catani Gardens)DesignQ4
HVM Luna Park & the PalaisDesign ConstructQ4
Lagoon Reserve Pavillion ReplacementDesignQ4
T T Buckingham ReserveConstructQ3
Landscape Construction Services (Panel)ContractorQ3
Landscape Architecture Professional Services (Panel)ContractorQ3

Current tenders

All public tenders are be processed via TenderLink.

TenderLink is an electronic tender process designed for the issue and receipt of tenders, which has become a standard throughout a number of Councils in Victoria.

Tender numberTender name
000025Electrical Services Panel (DOC 213 KB)
000029Plumbing and Gas Fitting Services Panel (DOC 213 KB)
000019South Melbourne Market - Next Project (PDF 214 KB)
000017Flooring Services Panel (DOC 213 KB)
RFT000007Elwood Foreshore Outdoor Fitness Station (DOC 212 KB)
2257Mobile Resource Management System
2251Mechanical Services
2240Heritage Precinct Reviews
2238Computer refresh Program
2235Park Street Bike Link
2236Cleaning of Council Buildings

Tenders under evaluation

Tender NumberTender Name
2253Head Consultant Services
RFQ27Scrap Metal Collection
2223HVAC System Upgrade
2230SMM Consultancy Services
2231Garden City Bicycle corridor
2211Bubup Nairm Recladding
2226Pest Control Services
2220Elwood Sportsfield Lighting
2210Palais Theatre Amenities Upgrade
2212Casual Payroll Staffing St Kilda Festival
2215South Melbourne Town Hall Site surveying and 3D Modelling
2201Expression of Interest St Kilda Marina Long Term Lease
2205Graffiti Removal Services
2207Drain Pipe Cleaning
2218Time lapse and gate camera supply , install and service
2214Kirrip Park Grass Reinforcement
2213Specialist Consultant Valuations

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