To make access fairer to parking spaces in busy streets we limit the time you can park. To encourage you to meet those limits we will fine you if you park for longer than the time on the sign.

Our parking officers will often let you move your vehicle, rather than giving you a fine. But you need to move within a reasonable amount of time.

Pay a parking fine

You have 28 days to pay your parking fine. Find out how you can pay, ask for more time or apply for a payment plan. Pay a parking fine

Tell us who was driving (and we’ll send them the fine)

If you are the registered owner but you were not driving when the vehicle was fined, tell us who was – send us a Parking Fine Nomination Statement (PDF 42 KB)

Appeal a parking fine

If you don’t agree with a parking fine and want to contest it, you can:

  • check the photos
  • ask for a review
  • take the matter to court.

More about how to appeal a parking fine

Lost your notice

To pay a fine you need its unique notice number. If you lose the notice, email your name, the date you received the fine and your rego number to

Understand what happens to overdue fines

If you don’t pay your parking fine it moves along to the next step with extra fees and penalties added. Find out about overdue parking fines and your options at each stage of the infringements process.

Request a history of infringements

If you need a record of your past parking fines email your name, your vehicle rego number and the years you owned it and your addresses (past and present) to

Penalty amounts

Fines are set depending on the offence. Fines range from $91 to $182.

Contact Us

If you would like to talk to someone, please phone 03 9058 6611. Please ensure you have your infringement number or vehicle registration number on hand.

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