Non-council city services

We often receive questions for services that are managed by other organisations. Check out this page to see whether another organisation can help.

Aged care

All new requests for My Aged Care are managed through My Aged Care.

Albert Park Lake

Albert Park Lake and surrounds is owned by Parks Victoria. Please contact Parks Victoria directly.


If you can't attend you local Council election as you're travelling, you can still cast your vote.

Elections are held by either the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) or the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

For any queries, questions or complaints in relation to a local or state elections, please contact VEC.

If your query, questions or complaint is in regards to a federal election, please contact AEC.

Injured animals

Wildlife Victoria respond to reports of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. To report an animal please head to Wildlife Victoria – Report a Wildlife Emergency, use Snap, Send, Solve or phone 03 8400 7300.

Wildlife Victoria will respond to all three of these contact methods with the same level of urgency.

NBN works

The NBN rollout is a federal government initiative and they are not required to obtain permits from Council to do any works in the municipality. As such, Council is unable to inform you of any works being conducted on your street.

If you have a general enquiry or complaint regarding the NBN, please contact NBN directly.

NBN is required to reinstate the pavement and any other Council resources that are damaged or misplaced during the works. If this is not done, please contact Council.

Neighbour disputes

From overhanging trees to rowdy neighbours, any disputes between neighbours need to be made through the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.

The Centre can provide you with advice to help you deal with the dispute. If they are not able to assist you to solve the dispute yourself, they will outline other ways such as mediation.

These services are all free and confidential.


If you need urgent assistance, please contact triple zero (000).

If you need the police, but the request is not urgent such as theft, property damage, lost property or general police enquiries, contact 131 444 or submit an online report at Victoria Police - Online Reporting.


If there's a streetlight out on your street, please contact the providers directly.

The City of Port Phillip has two providers of electricity within the municipality:

Both providers support residents for when a streetlight is:

  • not working
  • too dim
  • on during the day
  • a public safety hazard (for an emergency call the provider directly)
  • damaged.

Traffic lights

The majority of traffic lights within the municipality are managed by VicRoads.

To report an outage, lights on flashing yellow, poles that have been hit by a vehicle, or any other request in regards to traffic light management, please call VicRoads on 13 11 70.

This is a 24 hour line and they will respond to hazardous faults at any hour.


All public transport works are completed by Public Transport Victoria (PTV). PTV are the authority responsible for all public transport within Victoria.

They will be able to assist with any queries in relation to public transport in Victoria including mapping journeys, outages or works or feedback and complaints.

For disruption information, up-coming works and to contact PTV, visit PTV.

Water issues

For major bursts where there is water pouring out onto your street, please contact South East Water on 132 812.

These are treated as a priority and the Faults and Emergencies team are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

To report a water ‘leak’ (puddle or trickling water) anywhere within the City, report a report a leak with South East Water.

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