Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles have become popular in many cities around the world as communities transition to lower carbon lifestyles. Find out how we’re encouraging an increase in electric vehicles in Port Phillip.

Increasing infrastructure

We’re encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles (EV's) by:

  • working with the community, partners, and electricity distributors to install public charging stations
  • encouraging new developments and private businesses to provide public charging infrastructure where feasible
  • continuing to work with, and advocate to, the Victorian Government and other regulatory authorities to support deployment of EV chargers
  • transitioning Council’s fleet to low / zero emission vehicles.

Our Council Plan and the Act and Adapt Sustainable Environment Strategy support the uptake of electric vehicles in the community and exploration of public charging stations across the City of Port Phillip.

If you have questions or would like to share feedback about electric vehicles and charging stations in Port Phillip, please ask a question or make a request on My Port Phillip.

Public charging stations

Utility pole mounted and kerbside chargers 

We are exploring on-street utility pole-mounted and kerbside EV charger technologies to be installed in our municipality.

Council undertook community consultation via our ‘Have your say’ webpage to seek suggestions on locations for these chargers.

We are currently working with technology providers to assess technical feasibility of the locations identified through this community consultation.  

Fast Public charging stations

Council supported exploration of off-street car parks to install EV charging stations with a preferred supplier in November 2021.

We are still exploring off-street carparks as locations for EV charging stations. We are working through challenges, like the risk of flooding, and the available electrical capacity.  

Council’s vehicles

We are currently transitioning our fleet of vehicles with 40 hybrid and electric vehicles already part of our fleet.

Kerbside electric vehicle charging pilot

Council undertook a project to pilot the use of kerbside electric vehicle (EV) charging units for City of Port Phillip residents who do not have off-street car parking on their property.

The pilot allowed for a charging facility to be installed in the kerb by the nature strip in front of a resident’s property, through issuing a Council permit. This ‘pop-up’ kerbside charging unit allows residents to easily and safely charge their electric vehicles parked outside their homes.

This pilot has enabled Council to determine the merits of making kerbside charging more widely available to EV owners.

Council has permitted installation of 10 kerbside EV charging units, to test the permit processes in a variety of different situations.

Please note, we are no longer accepting any applications as part of this Pilot. The outcomes of the Pilot project have been reviewed and proposed next steps were presented to Council at its meeting on 1 May 2024. Here is the Council Report. This item was deferred for consideration at the 5 June 2024 Council Meeting.

Buying an electric vehicle

Considering going electric? Zero emissions vehicles don’t use petrol, which means they don’t emit greenhouse gases from the tailpipe. Battery Electric Vehicles and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) are also examples of these technologies.

We answer some of your most frequent questions about owning an electric vehicle in the FAQs below.

Get in contact

If you would like to know more about the pilot, please contact enviro@portphillip.vic.gov.au

Kerbside Charger Pilot - Frequently Asked Questions