Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles have become popular in many cities around the world as communities transition to lower carbon lifestyles. Find out how we’re encouraging an increase in electric vehicles in Port Phillip.

Charging locations: We have installed two free charging stations in the rooftop carpark of the South Melbourne Market and there are three privately owned charging stations in our municipality. Check locations near you on the charging stations map.

Increasing infrastructure

We’re encouraging an uptake of electric vehicles by:

  • working with the community, partners and electricity distributors to install charging stations on public land
  • encouraging developers and building owners to install chargers on privately-owned land
  • advocating to the Victorian and Australian Governments for policy change and investment to support affordable electric vehicles
  • purchasing electric vehicles for Council’s fleet

Our Council Plan and Sustainable Environment Strategy support the following actions to support an increase in electric vehicle infrastructure across the City.

If you have questions or would like to share feedback about electric vehicles and charging stations in Port Phillip, please visit the electric vehicles section on My Port Phillip.

New charging stations

We released an Expression of Interest in June 2021 seeking applications from suitably qualified and experienced companies to design, install, operate and manage a network of electric vehicle fast charging infrastructure across the City.

Council would be leasing the land to operators at no cost and the operators would be responsible for costs involved in installing and managing their operations.

Applications have been reviewed and in the coming weeks, the locations of the fast charging stations will be announced.

Council’s vehicles

We are currently transitioning our fleet of vehicles with 40 hybrid and electric vehicles already part of our fleet.

Kerbside vehicle charging trial

For residents who don't have an off-street carpark on their property, we have developed a kerb charging permit. This permit enables a charging facility to be installed at the kerb by the nature strip in front of your property.

Please note: You can’t run power cords across a footpath or road for safety reasons. This is a Local Law in the City of Port Phillip.

The permit is currently on trial for up to 10 applicants.

Please read the Electric Vehicle Kerb Charging Facility Trial Application Guidelines (DOCX 460 KB)

If you are eligible to apply, submit an Electric Vehicle Kerb Charging Trial Application Form (PDF 89 KB).

For more information, please contact enviro@portphillip.vic.gov.au

Buying an electric vehicle

Considering going electric?

The Victorian Government has set a target for half of new car sales to be zero emissions vehicles by 2030 and they are currently offering a $3,000 subsidy for new zero emissions vehicles purchased. Find more information and eligibility requirements for the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Subsidy.

Zero emissions vehicles don’t use petrol, which means they don’t emit greenhouse gases from the tailpipe. Battery Electric Vehicles and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) are examples of these technologies.

We answer some of your most frequent questions about owning an electric vehicle in the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions