Electronic waste (e-waste) recycling

Keep e-waste out of landfill. Find out what e-waste is, what can be recycled and where to take it.

E-waste is any item with a plug, battery or power cord that doesn't work or isn’t wanted.

Please don’t put e-waste in your general waste or recycling. Instead, drop it off to:

E-waste you can recycle

IT and entertainment equipment

  • computer monitors and hard drives
  • laptops
  • tablets and iPads
  • televisions - flat screen and CRT
  • remote controls and computer mouses
  • printers
  • DVD players and VCRs
  • stereos and speakers
  • mobile phones
  • gaming consoles and controllers.

Kitchen and bathroom appliances

  • microwaves
  • kettles
  • toasters
  • rice cookers
  • blender and mixers
  • sandwich presses
  • coffee machines
  • hairdryers, hair straighteners
  • power tools
  • electric fans, lamps
  • batteries
  • lightbulbs – LED, fluorescent and halogen.

Drop-off points for e-waste

Stores where you can drop off e-waste for recycling are:

  • Aldi: batteries
  • Optus: mobile phones
  • Telstra: mobile phones
  • Salvation Army: mobile phones
  • Vodafone: mobile phones
  • Australia Post: printer cartridges
  • Office Choice: printer cartridges
  • Officeworks: IT equipment, mobile phones, printer cartridges, CDs (up to 5 items).

Contact your local store to check if they are open and accepting e-waste.

Please note we no longer accept e-waste at any of our library branches.

Recycling e-waste – why it’s important

Most e-waste contains materials that are harmful to the environment. Recycling programs make sure that they are disposed of the right way. E-waste is banned from landfill and can't be put into recycling bins. Go to Sustainability Victoria: Why e-waste can't go in the bin to read more.

Data security and your devices

Make sure you clear all personal data from your devices before dropping them off for recycling. We try to keep items secure, but drop-off centres are open to the public.