Sports field maintenance

We take care of 14 official and 3 casual sports fields used by sports clubs, schools, and the local community.

Parks and Sports Fields

You'll find all sorts of sports happening on these grounds, like AFL, soccer, cricket, baseball, and touch football. People of all ages can join in organised sports or just have some fun during both winter and summer.

Keeping Things in Shape

We make sure the fields stay in great shape with some regular activities:

  • We mow the grass every Tuesday and Friday between September and March, and every Thursday between April and August.
  • We spray for weeds and bugs, and sometimes add fertilisers to keep the grass healthy.
  • We spread granular fertiliser four times a year.
  • When certain areas get a lot of use, we replace the turf to keep it strong and healthy.

Fixing Things Up

Sometimes we do special things to keep the grass in top condition. This includes practices like poking holes in the ground, spreading sand to level the ground and provide better drainage, and sowing new grass seeds. We usually do these things in the warmer months and between sports seasons when the grass is growing fast, so that it bounces back quickly, and it doesn't disrupt sports too much.

You might occasionally see a sports field fenced off from community access. This is usually a good sign that we’re making sure the field is up to scratch.

Doing these renovations is important to make sure our sports fields stay in great condition. We usually do major work once or twice a year to keep everything in top shape.

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