Emergency warnings

During an emergency, you should pay attention to emergency warnings. Always access more than one source of emergency warnings. Sources include:

City of Port Phillip roles and responsibilities 

The City of Port Phillip has a statutory responsibility under the Emergency Management Act 2013 for managing municipal resources and coordinating community support during the response and recovery phases. This includes:

  • providing awareness information to help inform community members of emergency risks
  • providing assistance to emergency response agencies during a municipal emergency
  • providing emergency relief to impacted persons during the response phase of a municipal emergency
  • coordinating recovery works following a municipal emergency
  • Chair the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee which sits separate to Council

Statutory roles at Council

Municipal Emergency Management Officer (MEMO)

This officer ensures that municipal resources are used effectively in a municipal emergency, for response, relief and recovery activities. Ensure that appropriate operating procedures and processes are developed, documented and tested by those required to use them during an emergency.

Municipal Recovery Manager (MRM)

Co-ordinate municipal and community resources within the municipality during recovery. Ensure there are adequate staff / volunteer resources for emergency relief centres during the relief and recovery phase.

Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee

The Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) is formed pursuant to the Emergency Management Act 2013, to formulate plans for the district’s consideration in relation to the prevention of, response to and the recovery from emergencies within the Port Phillip municipal district. The committee is an integrated planning committee, covering all aspects of planning, preparedness, response and recovery.

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

The Victorian Emergency Management Act 2013 requires that the MEMPC prepares and maintains a Municipal Emergency Management Plan (PDF) for the Port Phillip municipal district.

Under the State Emergency Management Plan (SEMP) the Incident Controller for storm and flood events is Victoria State Emergency Services.  The local Port Phillip branch of the Victoria State Emergency Services is located in Williamstown Road Port Melbourne. Important information relating to local and historical flood risk information can be reviewed on the Vic SES website 'City of Port Phillip'.