Emergency warnings

During an emergency, you should pay attention to emergency warnings.

Always access more than one source of emergency warnings. Sources include:

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

The Victorian Emergency Management Act 1986 requires that each municipal council prepares and maintains a Municipal Emergency Management Plan (PDF).

The Plan contains information on how to prevent, respond to and recover from, emergencies within the municipality. The plan responds to the economic and social effects of emergencies including loss of life, destruction of property and dislocation of individuals and communities.

The broad objectives of the MEMP are to:

  • implement measures to prevent or reduce the causes or effects of emergencies
  • manage resource allocation in response to emergencies
  • manage the support offered from adjoining municipalities
  • assist the community in recovery efforts.

Port Phillip Council has responsibility for managing municipal resources and coordinating community support during the response and recovery phases. This includes:

  • providing emergency relief to controlling authorities and affected persons during the response phase
  • providing supplementary supply (resources) to control and relief agencies during response and recovery phase
  • providing assistance to agencies during the response to and recovery from emergencies
  • providing an assessment of the impact of the emergency
  • working with the Department of Human Services during response and recovery phases.

For more information, email mero@portphillip.vic.gov.au

MEMP committee roles and responsibilities

MEMP TitleDuties
ChairpersonOversee the MEMP committee including planning and operations
Municipal Emergency Resource Officer (MERO)Ensure the MEMP Plan is effective and current. Ensure that municipal resources are used effectively in a community emergency, for response and recovery activities. Ensure that appropriate operating procedures and processes are developed, documented and tested by those required to use them during an emergency.
Municipal Recovery Manager (MRM)Co-ordinate municipal and community resources within the municipality during recovery. Ensure there are adequate staff / volunteer resources for emergency relief centres during the recovery phase.
Municipal Operation Centre Manager (MOC)The MOC Manager will establish an operations centre, to control council resources; including the allocation of equipment, refuelling, recovery and repair.
Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre Manager ( MECC)

The MECC Manager will co-ordinate nominated human and material resources within the municipality during emergencies. They also maintain an overall view of the operational activities within the MEMP’s area of responsibility, for records, planning and debrief purposes.

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