Phone: 03 9209 6705
Mobile: 0466 611 598

Lake Ward boundaries

The boundaries of the Lake Ward are shown on the VEC Ward Structure Map.

Robbie was elected at a countback on January 16 2023. The countback was required to fill an extraordinary vacancy created in November 2022 when former Lake Ward Councillor Katherine Copsey was elected to the Victorian Parliament.


Objectives and priorities for your term

Robbie's top 3 priorities when running for Council in 2020 were:

  • investment in essential community services
  • support for parks, gardens and tree-lined streets
  • local climate change action.

He is also passionate about Council support for community housing and the library service.

Robbie is a proud openly gay Councillor and is also keen to help deliver on commitments for Port Phillip’s LGBTIQA+ community, including the LGBTIQA+ Action Plan which is being developed.

Political affiliations

Australian Labor Party

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