Parks and nature strips

Learn more about the ways in which Council supports biodiversity and Indigenous flora in the City, and view information about what sort of planting you can do on your nature strip to beautify your street and help us work towards a greener Port Phillip.

Parks and Native Vegetation Areas

The City of Port Phillip is full of green spaces which are home to a variety of native and exotic plants and animals. Our Parks Services team maintain these open spaces for everyone to enjoy. 

Over time, the growth of the city has had an impact on native plant life and animal populations. Most of the remaining native planting areas are located on or near the foreshore. We are lucky to have several highly engaged and passionate community groups, like Earthcare St Kilda, who we work with to ensure these pockets of native growth remain for generations to come. Part of this work involves adding around 25,000 plants to these spots a year. 

Citywide Parks Services handle most maintenance tasks in our parks and green spaces, such as weed management, tree pruning and indigenous plant revegetation, supporting local communities. 

Explore our Foreshore and Hinterland Vegetation Management Plan to learn how we manage and enhance native vegetation areas within the City. 

Coastal Flora in Port Phillip

This video, a joint project of the Port Phillip EcoCentre and City of Port Phillip, celebrates the connections that people have to coastal ecosystems and role that native vegetation plays along our beaches.

Nature Strips

A nature strip is the public space between your property and the road, excluding the paved footpath. It's usually a grassy area. 

Nature strips are important green spaces which enhance our streets with trees, rainwater absorption, and added biodiversity. Planting a garden on your nature strip brings various benefits like providing habitat for native animals, making the area more attractive, reducing the need for mowing, and providing a space for community socialisation.

Contact Park Services

Online: Online Services
Phone: 03 9209 6777
Post: Park Services, City of Port Phillip, Private Bag No. 3, St Kilda PO VIC 3182

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