Image credit: Cal Gillespie, Killing Time Studio (2022)

Our new Urban Artist Directory is a treasure trove of talented artists experienced in public art, spanning a wide range of mediums, from street art to sculpture and installations.

Our directory is designed to simplify the artist selection process for developers and other private businesses. You'll find a diverse pool of urban artists here, complete with contact information to connect with them directly. This not only offers artists a platform for local exposure but also opens doors to potentially collaborate on significant development opportunities.

While we encourage artists living in or having prior works within City of Port Phillip, artists do not have to be from the City of Port Phillip to apply. The key criterion is experience in public art.

Our goal is to create a reflection of Melbourne's rich and diverse art scene. So, if you want to be listed, simply fill out our Artist Directory Request Form. You'll be notified once your application is accepted. Feel free to share this application with fellow artists who you think would be a great fit.

This directory primarily serves developers seeking an urban art contribution for projects exceeding two million dollars as part of the City of Port Phillip’s percent for art scheme. We understand that developers often seek artist recommendations, and this directory allows us to maintain impartiality by providing them with a resource to explore artists independently. It also enables us to connect artists with upcoming expressions of interest and projects that align with their expertise. CoPP businesses searching for public art on their premises can also benefit from this directory.

To view the Urban Artist Directory or to be listed: Urban Artist Directory - City of Port Phillip