Games Action Plan 2020-2024

The Games Action Plan is a central component of our commitment to supporting Port Phillip's games industry and community.

We've worked and consulted with the games industry to tailor this action plan that outlines the specific actions for us to engage with the existing games sector, how we can connect our diverse local community, and what actions we can take to make Port Phillip the games capital of Victoria.

Our Vision

Our vision is for Port Phillip to be the Games Capital of Victoria. Delivering on this vision means that the broad range of creative businesses, players, artists, and creative producers find a home in Port Phillip, and that Council's priorities, resources, and programs support their activities.

To achieve that, we will work towards two priority outcomes through the actions in this plan.

  • Outcome 1 - A thriving games sector that plays a significant part in the City’s economy.
  • Outcome 2 - The life of our City is enhanced through the growth of games, play and culture.

Working together, these outcomes support and connect to each other to bring economic benefit, enhance our cultural life, provide opportunities for play and creative expression, and celebrate the diversity within our community.

Goals of the Games Action Plan