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Sustainability survey - what we heard from you

Published 16 August 2023
City of Port Phillip recently carried out a survey with the community to better understand the community's expectations of Council in addressing climate change and mitigating impacts, to explore your personal responses and sustainability actions and better understand concern around climate change.

Thank you to everyone who completed our sustainability survey recently. Your feedback is most appreciated and is already so valuable in many ways. The feedback has been shared across a range of departments in Council and is already being used to inform programs and services.

Importantly, feedback will also be incorporated into the final draft of the Act and Adapt Sustainability Strategy and our Climate Emergency plan. It will also be valuable input into other strategies and actions.

Here is a summary of what you told us:

  • Overall concern about climate change and its predicted impacts was very high. 
  • You considered it extremely to very important that Council address each of nine issues relating to addressing climate change and sustainability.
  • Many of you in the community are unaware of Council services to support the community adapt to climate change.
  • Majority of the community unaware Council declared a climate emergency.
  • People report needing more information about how climate change will impact them to make informed decisions.
  • Half of the community are already engaging in listed sustainability activities including avoiding single use plastics (93%), sourcing locally grown food (79%), using a special recycling service (73%), modifying heating or cooling to save energy (69%), reducing car use (65%), modifying home to reduce heat loss (62%), changing to renewable energy (51%), and preparing a plan to cope with extreme weather (48%) .
  • A substantial proportion of the community are considering solar panel/batteries and Electric Vehicle purchases in the next 5 years.  
  • Half of the community reported they would consider switching from gas to electric appliances. 
  • People were more focused on efficient use of water to save water, rather than the bigger and more complex interventions such as rainwater tanks.
  • The main barriers to undertaking environmental actions were not being the property owner (40%), a lack of interest (21%) and cost (9%).
  • Common factors that would encourage involvement in local environmental activities were more information about the activities available (63%), easier access to information (60%), and a better understanding of the local environment (43%).
  • A large proportion of people reported reducing their personal car use because of the impact of climate change.
  • The main factors encouraging people to use public transport more often were reduced cost, more frequent and better services and increased safety.
  • Main factors encouraging people to walk or cycle more often were more cycling paths and tracks and separating cyclists from traffic.


To see the full results of the survey, you can view the Sustainability Survey Report online

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with our team. At any time if you have any feedback or suggestions you can email us  enviro@portphillip.vic.gov.au we would love to hear from you.