Celebrating our HerStory this International Women's Day

    Published 5 March 2024

    Image: Louisa Briggs, Yalukit Willam, The River People of Port Phillip: Yalukit Willam, The River People of Port Phillip by the City of Port Phillip - Issuu p.20. Photo used with permission of N’Arweet Carolyn Briggs

    We're celebrating inspiring women in Port Phillip who have made significant contributions to local politics, literature, the arts, sport, health, education and the wider community.

    The City of Port Phillip has a rich ‘herstory’ of inspiring women who have made significant contributions to our community. Now, there's a unique way to discover and honour these remarkable individuals through the 'HerStory' map.

    Download the map (PDF 4MB) or view below to discover places where women have been commemorated. 

    The ‘HerStory’ map displays places in the City of Port Phillip where women are recognised and honoured in street names, parks and gardens, buildings and on monuments and other public artworks. 

    ‘HerStory’ celebrates women’s stories and achievements, but the map is just the beginning. There are many hidden stories to tell, and many more women who deserve to be commemorated.

    And we need your help to tell these hidden stories. We are involved in naming and renaming roads, parks, and streets. We want to celebrate the history and culture of our city by "putting her name on it". And we want to make sure everyone is included, especially women and First Nations people. 

    So, if you've got a great idea for a name that honours women or First Nations communities, send in your submissions to roadandfeaturenaming@portphillip.vic.gov.au with relevant supporting information. See more information here: Road Naming, Place Naming and Feature Naming - City of Port Phillip.

    To get inspired, take a look at the online map and consider doing a tour of the places where these great women are commemorated. You can also learn more about the remarkable achievements and lives of the women we've included here: The women and places of HerStory - City of Port Phillip.