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Caring for new mums

Published 15 January 2024

Caring Mum volunteer Sandra with Susan and daughter Zoe.

Caring Mums is on a mission to help ensure no woman is alone as she travels on her journey through motherhood.

The National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (NCJWA) provides emotional support and reassurance during a time of change for all mothers through its Caring Mums program.

NCJWA is calling out for more Caring Mums volunteers who want to help make a difference in empowering and enriching the lives of mothers.

Long-time volunteer Emily has been paired with six different mums over her journey with Caring Mums.

“I help mothers in need to go through the ups and downs on the start of their motherhood journey. It’s a great way to give back and a really satisfying role.”

Emily said she wished she had a Caring Mums volunteer to provide support throughout her own journey in early motherhood.

“Mums these days get so much advice and opinions from different people, social media and everywhere around them,” she said. “I love to play a role where I’m not there to advise but just be a non-judgmental ear to listen.”

Caring Mums are trained, volunteer mothers, who provide ongoing support for mothers from all kinds of diverse backgrounds, including those seeking asylum or may be facing physical or mental health issues.

“The transition into motherhood can be an exciting and challenging time and mums shouldn’t have to feel alone or isolated in this process. It’s always great to have someone in your corner that is there just for you,” Emily said.

NCJWA is always on the lookout for new volunteers to support mothers with the program providing training and personal development opportunities for volunteers.

“I feel like the training from Caring Mums has made me a better person, mum, friend and a listener,” Emily said.

“It’s the most incredible, fulfilling program and the more support and volunteers we get, the more lives we can impact.”

Caring Mums is a free, confidential, non-denominational service that is welcoming of all new mothers in Port Phillip and surrounding council areas.

NCJWA is hosting a volunteer information evening on Tuesday 6 February. To register interest, contact caringmums.admin@ncjwavic.org.au

Training commences from 21 February running every Wednesday for five weeks. For more information about the program and volunteering opportunities, visit the NCJWA’s Caring Mums page.

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