Federal Election outcomes

    Published 21 June 2022
    Learn about the Australian Labor Party's federal election outcomes for our City.

    In the three months leading up to the May federal election, Council engaged with local candidates - Josh Burns (Labor), Colleen Harkin (Liberals) and Steph Hodgins-May (Greens) on federal advocacy priorities.

    On the 21 May 2022 the Australian federal election was held, with Anthony Albanese appointed the new Prime Minister as leader of the Australian Labor party and Josh Burns re-elected as Macnamara’s Federal Member.

    Some of the commitments for local projects made during Josh Burns’ election campaign include:

    Early Delivery of Fishermans Bend Tram

    Labor will invest $3 million to fund the Fishermans Bend Transport Link Feasibility Study. The study is a first step to determine the best way to deliver public transport links into the heart of Fishermans Bend, including examining the option of trackless trams. This study will also consider the most appropriate phasing of delivery.

    Elster Creek and Elsternwick Park water management

    Labor pledged a $11.7 million investment in flood mitigation works along Elster Creek, as well as further upgrading the Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve. This funding is additional the $6m federal funding announced in January.

    Investment in Community Childcare Infrastructure

    Prior to the election, Amanda Rishworth, Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education, wrote to the City of Port Phillip committing Labor to work with Council, the Victorian Government, and local childcare centres to find 'a suitable resolution' should they be elected.

    Albert Park Sporting facilities

    Labor pledged $5 million in funding for Albert Park precinct to upgrade facilities for community sports. This project will be delivered in partnership with the Victorian Government and Parks Victoria through the Albert Park Masterplan.

    In addition, the Australian Labor Party committed to the following policies that align with Council’s federal advocacy priorities:

    Commitment to Climate Change

    Labor's Powering Australia plan focuses on creating jobs, cutting power bills and reducing emissions by boosting renewable energy. The plan includes upgrades to the electricity grid, investment in green materials and clean energy component manufacturing, new solar banks and investment in community batteries. 

    Greater support for people experiencing homelessness

    $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund will build 30,000 new social and affordable housing properties in its first five years and create thousands of jobs. 

    Each year investment returns from the Housing Australia Future Fund will be transferred to the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) to pay for social and affordable housing projects.

    Investment in electric vehicle charging stations

    The $500 million Driving the Nation Fund will focus on increasing the number of charging stations to make owning an electric vehicle more convenient. Labor has also announced an Electric Vehicle discount scheme.

    LRCI and Blackspot Funding

    Labor will expand the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program by an additional $250 million on top of existing funding levels, to allow more priority projects to be funded and more local roads to be upgraded.

    Next Steps

    Council wrote to local member Josh Burns, the newly appointed Minister for Early Childhood Education, Dr Anne Aly to congratulate them on the election and to initiate discussions on the above commitments.

    Over the course of the current Federal Government term (2022-25), Council is working with the offices of Josh Burns and relevant Ministers to progress these commitments.

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