As our City grows, our parking needs change. The new areas are intended to provide more options for residents to find a park near where they live.

Currently, Resident, Combined and Visitor Parking Permits allow permit holders to park in the streets immediately surrounding their residential property. This arrangement is successful in easing pressure on various premium parking locations. However as needs evolve, and the population grows, this 'surrounding streets' model no longer provides the flexibility required for residents to find a car space close to home.

At the moment, in some parts of our City, there are more parking permits issued than parking spaces.

Also, street sizes vary and the current 'surrounding streets' approach disadvantages smaller cul-de-sacs and streets with a high density of residential properties. The new areas mean that more residents can park closer to their homes.

Draft Parking Management Policy consultation in 2019 (PDF 424 KB) reported 46 per cent of Port Phillip residents surveyed claimed that it is difficult or extremely difficult to find a carpark on the street near their home.

Parking permit area map

Map showing the proposed Parking Areas in Port Phillip

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