Friends of Suai Covalima

Since 2000, we have a formal commitment to support our friendship with Suai, Covalima East Timor.

Since 2000, we have had a formal commitment to support our friendship between communities in Port Phillip and Suai, Covalima in East Timor.

Through the Friends of Suai/Covalima, we are doing all we can to assist the people of Suai in their efforts to claim a new future. In the spirit of friendship, people from both communities are working together to create opportunities for development for communities throughout the district of Covalima.

Support and funding are provided to the Covalima Community Centre in Suai to implement community development programs, with a strong focus on education, health, gender equality, livelihoods and sustainability.

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20-year anniversary celebration

In celebration of the 20-year anniversary of friendship, a commemorative booklet has been produced and was launched at an online event on Thursday 2 July.

The launch included guest speakers from Australia and East Timor and photos from the booklet which highlighted the achievements of the friendship. The recording of the event can be accessed through YouTube

The booklet will soon be available at Port Phillip libraries. For more information, email

Friends of Suai 20-year pink circular logo with text reading: 20 years Celebrating Friendship 2000-2020, City of Port Phillip and Covalima

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