Sports clubs training and education

The City of Port Phillip is committed to ensuring our local clubs continue to be supported and sustainable into the future. We are committed to providing great resources and training options. Here you will find the latest training calendar, fact sheets and other information.

The City of Port Phillip is committed to ensuring our sport and recreation clubs using council-managed assets, along with clubs using Albert Park Reserve, continue to grow and be sustainable into the future.

We want to see our clubs being administered by a diverse group of skilled and passionate members, however we also understand that clubs are not-for-profit groups and committee members dedicate a large amount of their own free time to ensure their club operates smoothly.

One way we aim to help our clubs is by providing training and development opportunities to club members as outlined below.

Club Development Training Calendar

Check back soon for training opportunities available to our club members.

Sports Club Fact Sheets

The Sport and Recreation team have fact sheets that provide our sport and recreation clubs with relevant information for club operations. Please see below.

Sports Clubs User Manual

The City of Port Phillip sports club user manual was developed to assist Council to continue to build strong relationships that have been developed with all sports clubs and to maximise the use of sporting facilities and the benefits they provide.

The manual will allow sports clubs to better understand:

  • Council requirements and responsibilities
  • Club responsibilities
  • The process for facility development and capital works
  • Further resources Council can provide to clubs

Download the Sports Clubs Conditions of Use Document

Sports Club Conditions Of Use Document (PDF 678 KB)

Download the Accessibility and disability inclusion fact sheet for sport and recreation providers

Accessibility And Disability Inclusion Fact Sheet

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