Elwood Foreshore


Elwood foreshore


$50m over approximately 10 years

Why are we doing this?

Buildings and other infrastructure have been built over the years to support a range of activities that happen in the area. Many now need large amounts of work; reasons include the age, poor condition, compliance and accessibility issues, and vulnerability to the risks of climate-change.

The impact

It is estimated that the total cost of the work needed to address all the building and infrastructure issues is over $10 million. Given the size of the investment required, it is important to plan so that the outcomes are aligned to the Council Plan and we deliver best value for the community now and for the future.


We are taking a masterplan approach for this project. What this means is that we think about the needs of the whole area, rather than looking at each building or structure on its own. This way the upgrades will make sure that the foreshore remains a high-quality public and natural place. We want Elwood foreshore to meet contemporary expectations, standards and needs.

This approach will help address the key opportunities of the site. It will make sure that all buildings and structures work well together. This will make the experience of visiting Elwood foreshore even better.

We will ensure that all work done:

  • protects the character, identity and amenity of the place
  • respects nature and the site’s past
  • reflects local priorities, future needs, and Council and state government policy and strategy.

The masterplan focuses on projects that will deliver practical and real results.

The project will be planned and delivered over several years, in several stages.

In stage one a draft concept plan will be developed. This will be costed, reviewed by Council, and inform a discussion with the community.

The next stage will look at:

  • developing detailed designs
  • planning a schedule for when the work will happen.

Project staging

The current project involves:

  • Investigation and insight
    • background technical studies
    • site analysis
    • clarifying community values
    • clarifying community priorities
    • clarifying asset performance
    • demand and needs analysis.
  • Bringing it together - the investigation and insights are brought together to create a preliminary design response
  • Testing for deliverability
    • test costs
    • test benefits
    • preliminary staging plan.
  • Optimising - the testing is further refined
  • Development approvals
    • preparing an application
    • exhibiting the application
    • formal consideration and approval.

From there, the staged development will begin, subject to approvals, which will lead through to activation of the Elwood Foreshore and project completion.

For a visual of this timeline, download the Project Staging flowchart (PDF 419 KB).

Project update

We are at the first stage of this project, with the focus on understanding the area. This stage includes doing technical studies on heritage, flora and fauna, soil conditions and climate change impacts. These studies have used the expertise of internal and external specialists.

You can read results of the investigations under Investigation reports below.

Community engagement

In July and August 2020 we asked the community what they value most about the Elwood foreshore area, and what are the most important opportunities for improvement. We have reviewed this feedback and it has helped shape preliminary planning for the foreshore.

Council are now seeking feedback on the Site Plan.

Tell us what you think about the proposed site plan for the Elwood foreshore by completing a survey via Have Your Say.

We will continue to keep you updated as we move forward with this project, and your input will help inform each stage.

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Want to know more about this project?

Please contact us online or phone Anthony Savenkov, Head of Property Projects on 0466 163 302.