Older Persons Consultative Committee

The City of Port Phillip established its Older Persons Consultative Committee (OPCC) in 2000. Appointed by the Council to be its main consultative body, the group reports on issues that affect the health and wellbeing of older residents in the City of Port Phillip.

Who we are

The City of Port Phillip established its Older Persons Consultative Committee (OPCC) in 2000. Appointed by the Council to be its main consultative body, the group reports on issues that affect the health and wellbeing of older residents in the City of Port Phillip.

The OPCC is a representative group of older Port Phillip residents, aged 55 years and over, who are
passionate about the role of older people in the community and able to advocate on their behalf, keen to share skills and experience for the common good of older people and confident that we can make a difference to the health and wellbeing of older people.

Older people's sense of the wellbeing is shaped by their neighbourhoods, networks and the availability of as broad a range of lifestyle options as possible.

Members of the Older Persons Consultative Committee pictured with then Mayor Dick Gross

Guiding principles

  • Advice and Advocacy
    To represent the interests of older residents to CoPP on council plans, strategies and services.
  • Communication and Information
    To listen to and communicate with older Port Phillip residents.
  • Governance
    To ensure transparent, sustainable processes for the Committee.
  • Diversity
    To ensure that the OPCC represents the diversity of the older community.
  • Networking / Partnerships
    To continue and further develop information exchange for networking and partnerships.
  • Sustainability: Climate Change
    To consider the implications/impact of climate changes for the ageing population of CoPP.
  • Physical Environment
    To continue to promote the concept of Age Friendly Cities.

The OPCC endorses the United Nations' Principles For Older Persons, including independence, participation, care, self-fulfilment and dignity.


Since inauguration in February 2000, the OPCC has:

  • formed a collaborative working relationship with Council and Staff
  • advised and informed Council on issues concerning older persons
  • established links with other advisory groups to Council, Council on the Ageing (COTA) and other relevant local organisations
  • advocated for the development of the Linking Neighbours program and Seniors register
  • submitted proposals to Council regarding:
    • participation of older residents in community events
    • practical ways of promoting a more cohesive community and sense of belonging for older residents
    • advocate for safer streets for older persons.
  • supported the City of Port Phillip Age Friendly Cities Project
  • participated in City of Port Phillip Reviews on various service deliveries
  • participated and advised on Council Plans
  • members of the OPCC sit on Council and Community working parties for sustainability and key development projects
  • onitiated and facilitated forums and events including the City of Port Phillip Seniors’ Festival and OPCC Annual Forum
  • initiated and now participate in Statewide forums for Older Person’s reference committees.

We want to hear from you

Are you an older person living in Port Phillip?

OPCC  members encompass a wide range of backgrounds and views, the OPCC is accessible and engaged.

Do you have concerns or great ideas that would improve the lives of this city's older population?

Every year the OPCC run a forum on a topic that is important to you.

Let us know, please send to:

Contact: Laura Cattapan, Coordinator Access and Inclusion
Email: laura.cattapan@portphillip.vic.gov.au 
Phone:(03) 9209 6777
Address: The City of Port Phillip, Private Bag 3, Post Office St Kilda VIC 3182

Committee Terms of Reference

Together with all other advisory and consultative groups to the City of Port Phillip, the Older Persons Consultative Committee (OPCC) was reviewed in 2017. The review recommended the continuation of the OPCC and new terms of reference were developed and adopted. Endorsed by Council May 2017.

To view the terms of reference go to Advisory Committees.

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