The Quick Response Grant Program are small grants available at short notice to eligible organisations and individuals throughout the year. The grants support the establishment and delivery of valuable services, programs, activities, and events to the City of Port Phillip community.

Grant value

Category 1: Individuals

Maximum funding per application: $500

Category 2: Community Organisations and Social Enterprises

Maximum funding per application: $2,000

Key dates

Applications close on the 1st Monday of each month. This is a competitive program that is limited by the amount of funds available.

Please note that the current round will be closing Monday 5 February. 


Residents or organisations that apply can only received one grant per financial year.

Category 1


To fund individual residents experiencing barriers to participate in elite and competitive local events or activities.


Support for individual residents who are experiencing barriers to participation and have been selected and or invited to participate in an educational, sporting, cultural, recreational, or artistic pursuit through elite and competitive local events and activities.


Category 2


To fund community organisations and social enterprises to deliver programs and projects that support Council to achieve its strategic directions, and do not align with the objectives and / or other timelines of other Council grant programs.


Support for:

  • programs and projects that increase social connection and participation, particularly for marginalised, vulnerable, and disadvantaged cohorts.
  • programs and projects that enhance, beautify, and celebrate our local neighbourhoods.
  • sustainability initiatives that maximise reuse and recycling opportunities and supports the circular economy.
  • economic and creative initiatives that encourage access to employment and education.

Apply for the grants

All applicants can apply online.