Hard and green waste collection

Residential hard and green waste collection service is for households and apartment residents to dispose of larger items and green waste which can't go in your home bins.

Free pick-up service for residents

  • A standalone house is entitled to four free hard and green waste bookings a year
  • Multi-unit dwellings (blocks of flats, apartments and units) are entitled to six free bookings per year

Book for multi-unit dwellings through your property manager or Owners Corporation, so that other residents can also make use of the service.

Should your needs exceed the annual entitlement you can make use of our Resource Recovery Centre or engage a commercial provider for additional services.

Request a collection

Book online anytime or call 03 9209 6777 during business hours.

Your booking is not confirmed until a collection date is advised. You'll receive a call back within three days of your request to confirm the next available collection date. This is usually within 7 days of booking, but may be up to two weeks in peak periods.

For collections over 4m3 (a standard trailer load) multiple bookings are required. Please book by phone.

Collection guidelines

Your collection must comply with the following guidelines in order for us to pick it up:

  • Up to 2m3 of hard or green waste per booking, or
  • Up to 2m3 hard waste plus 2m3 green waste (up to 4m3 combined)
  • Individual items under 50kg weight and 1.5m length

Materials accepted

Accepted materials must be sorted into three piles:

  • Hard waste: including crockery, carpet, linoleum, mattresses
  • Green waste: including prunings and weeds (under 1.5m length and bundled, boxed or bagged)
  • Metal, appliances and e-waste: including empty oil heaters, spouting and any items with a cord or battery

Materials not accepted

  • Asbestos
  • Car batteries
  • Chemicals, pesticides, paint or other liquid wastes
  • Excavation or building materials
  • Glass bottles
  • Household waste or recyclables - please put these in your household bins
  • Industrial or hazardous waste
  • Soil

Important information

  • Place items out on the curb for collection no more than 24 hours prior to collection
  • Stack items neatly so they don't obstruct a footpath, driveway or road
  • Putting out items without a booking can attract a $660 fine for illegal dumping
  • Items cannot be returned once collected
  • Collections that don't comply with guidelines will not be picked up

Thank you for following these guidelines to keep our streets clean and protect the safety of collection workers.

Reducing your waste-line

We facilitate post-collection sorting of hard waste to recover recyclable materials including mattresses, e-waste, timber and more before residual waste is sent to landfill.

You can read about Council services for recycling e-waste and programs to support residents in reducing and recycling food and garden waste, including composting and mulching, in our recycling collection guide (PDF 219 KB).

Shopping wisely and donating your pre-loved items dramatically reduces your waste-line, saving you time, money and effort in future clean-ups! If your items are still useful, try donating or selling them online before you book a collection.

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