Accessible parking permits for individuals are assigned to the person, not the car. You can hold only one disability parking permit in Victoria, and can’t ask for copies.

There are 2 types of permits for individuals:

  • Australian Disability Parking Permit – was the Category 1 Blue Disabled Permit
  • Victorian Double Time Accessible Parking Permit – was the Category 2 Green Permit

You now apply to the Accessible Parking Permit scheme for permit. There are new rules, criteria and processes – find out more about disability and accessible parking permits and the scheme  

If you have an existing disability permit, you can keep using it until it expires.

Apply for or renew an individual permit

1. Start your application

To apply online go to Victoria Government: Accessible parking permits for individuals

You will need a mobile number. If you don’t have a mobile, ask someone who does to help you apply. All messages about your permit, including your reference number, will be sent to this number via SMS.

We can help if you do not have a mobile phone or access to the internet – call ASSIST on 9209 6777 or visit a customer service counter.

2. Ask your GP or OT to complete your application

Take your reference number to your GP or occupational therapist. They will do an online assessment and submit your application.

3. Receive or collect the permit

If your application is approved, your permit is printed and then either mailed to you or sent to us ready for you to collect. The printing and sending usually takes 7 to 10 business days.

If you choose to collect your permit from us we will let you know when it's ready. You will need to show photo ID to collect the permit.

Replace a permit

If you lose or damage your permit or it is stolen, you can request a replacement online at Victoria Government: Accessible parking permits

You collect your replacement permit from us. Bring your photo ID and make sure you provide us with the information we need:

  • Lost permit – statutory declaration detailing how and when the permit was lost
  • Stolen permit – a copy of the police report confirming the permit was stolen
  • Damaged permit –the current (damaged) permit must be returned.

Using your permit

You must only use the permit when the permit holder is in the vehicle. Make sure the permit number and expiry date are easy to see from outside the vehicle.

You can’t use it to park in restricted areas such as clearways, no stopping, no parking, taxi only or bus zones, or residential parking areas.

Using a Blue Disabled Permit or an Australian Accessible Parking permit

A Blue Disabled or Australian Disability permit holder can park:

  • in accessible parking bays
  • for double the time on a green timed parking sign
  • free in a paid parking zone within Port Phillip.

Using a Green or a Victorian double time accessible permit

Permit holders can park for double the limit on a parking sign. Category Two Permits are not exempt from paid parking fees.

Find out who is eligible for permits

When you apply, the first step is to ‘self-assess’ – you answer questions to find out if you are eligible for a permit. If you are eligible, then you go on and complete the application. Your medical practitioner must then assess you to confirm that you meet the ‘functional’ criteria for this permit.

Your eligibility might have changed under the new scheme

Under the old scheme individual councils reviewed applications for permits. Questions used by GPs to assess your needs were broad and open to interpretation. Now applications are reviewed by one organisation and the questions used by GPs and OTs to assess your mobility issues against the criteria are clearer.

The result is some permit holders may be told they are no longer eligible or that they are eligible for a different permit when they try to renew.

Dispute a parking permit outcome

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your application, you may submit a new application for a second opinion.  The functional assessment must be completed by a different GP to the first application and you must let Council know why you are submitting a new application.