Foreshore permit coverage

Vehicles displaying a valid foreshore permit are not required to purchase a ticket at paid parking locations along both sides of the foreshore and in the designated public car parks.

All time restrictions must be still adhered to.

Am I eligible for foreshore parking permits?

People who live in the City of Port Phillip in residential properties are eligible for foreshore parking permits.

You can check your eligibility on the interactive Near Me map or contact ASSIST on 03 9209 6777.

How many foreshore permits can I get?

Existing permit holders

I had a valid permit on 1 July 2021 and still live in the same property ineligible for residential permits.

Permit typeMaximum number before 2025Maximum number after 2025
Foreshore parking permits31

New applicants

I am applying for my first permit and live in a residential property ineligible for residential permits.

Permit typeMaximum number
Foreshore parking permits1

How do I apply for my parking permit?

Please visit the 'How do I apply for a parking permit?' webpage for all the information you need on how to apply.

Note: each permit application must be made separately and is subject to the maximum number of permits the property is eligible for.

Where can my permit be used

Where the permit is not valid

  • In a private car park, including St Kilda Sea Baths Carpark
  • In Shakespeare Grove and the Shakespeare Grove Carpark, or the lower Esplanade, without purchasing a ticket.
  • Residential permit zones
  • When you have parked longer than the time specified, in time-restricted zones

This permit is not valid for use in:

  • Clearways
  • No Stopping areas
  • Loading Zones, Taxi Zones, Bus Zones, Car Share and disabled bays
  • Off Street public car parks

Permits are not valid if the vehicle is parked in front of or along the side of a non-residential property, including the following locations:

In front of or adjacent to:

  • commercial properties
  • retail properties
  • industrial properties
  • community or public land uses such as parks and community centres

Please note: for the purposes of permit use, Council defines a residential property as being a property that is used 100 per cent for residential purposes.

Properties that have a mixed use, such as apartments on upper floors and a café, shop or business on ground floor, are not considered residential.

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