Foreshore parking permit

A Foreshore Permit allows a residential vehicle to park in paid parking areas along the beach road and designated car parks, for the allowable time frame and without purchasing a ticket.
  • From 12 midday Tuesday 22 September to 6 pm Sunday 24 October, the City of Port Phillip will enter into the Election Period for the Council Elections.

    You can still contact us during this period and we’ll resume regular operation on Monday 26 October.

This Permit is a vehicle registration-based permit sticker that is displayed on your vehicle windscreen.

Vehicles displaying a valid Foreshore Permit are not required to purchase a ticket at paid parking locations along both sides of the beach road (foreshore) and in the designated public car parks. All time restrictions must still be adhered to.

Applying for a permit

You will need to provide a valid form of vehicle identification when applying.

Cost: $62

Apply: Apply online for a Foreshore Permit or submit a parking permit application form (PDF 34 KB).

Where can my Permit be used

Where isn't my Foreshore permit valid

  • In a private car park, including St Kilda Sea Baths Carpark
  • In Shakespeare Grove and the Shakespeare Grove Carpark, or the lower Esplanade, without purchasing a ticket.
  • Residential permit Zones
  • When you have parked longer than the time specified, in time restricted zones

Coverage provided by the Permit

Foreshore Parking Permits do not authorise a vehicle to:

  • park in a private car park, including the St Kilda Sea Baths car park
  • park without purchasing a ticket in the Shakespeare Grove car park or on the Lower Esplanade
  • park in a residential Permit Zone
  • park in a time restricted location for longer than the time permitted on the sign.

Permits do not exempt drivers from Clearways and No Stopping areas.

Permits are not valid if the vehicle is parked in front of or along the side of a non-residential property, including:

  • commercial
  • retail
  • mixed use
  • industrial, community land uses
  • off street car parks.

The following vehicles are not eligible for a Parking Permit:

  • Vehicles over 4.5 tonne or longer than 7.5 meters
  • Trucks
  • Caravans
  • Trailers, including boating trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • Buses.

How to display the Permit

The permit must be clearly displayed on the lower passenger side of the front windscreen with all permit details clearly visible.

  • If permits are not displayed correctly, they may not be visible to the parking enforcement officers and can lead to the vehicle receiving a parking infringement notice.
  • Parking infringement notices may not be withdrawn if a permit is not correctly displayed.

Permits must not be copied, reproduced or tampered with.

If we identify a case of parking permit misuse the matter may be referred to Victoria Police for investigation as a criminal offence.

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