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Council considered the recommendations of the Panel at its meeting on 3 February 2021, and decided to adopt Amendment C186port with changes. The changes include:

  • Amend the heritage grading of 544-546 City Road, South Melbourne from ‘Significant’ to ‘Contributory’ and update the necessary incorporated documents (Port Phillip Heritage Review including the Heritage Policy Map and the Statement of Significance for HO513) to reflect that change.
  • Amend the Port Phillip Heritage Review Volume 1, Chapter 6.40 Montague Commercial Precinct – HO513 to modify the property descriptions for 540-542 and 544-546 City Road and 151, 153-155 and 163 Montague Street, South Melbourne.

A request to approve Amendment C186port has been submitted to the Minister for Planning, along with the amended Amendment C186port documentation.

COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020

The Victorian Government has introduced the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020 which includes temporary changes to the Planning and Environment Act 1987.  The changes ensure that the planning process in Victoria can continue, despite the closure of many state and local government offices and public health measures that include physical distancing requirements.

The changes mean that planning documents previously required to be physically available to view at state and local government offices are now only required to be available for online inspection. This includes copies of planning scheme amendment documentation and submissions.

As a result, a full copy of the amendment documentation and copies of submissions received during exhibition of Amendment C186port will be available online for the duration of this amendment process and will be removed two months after the amendment has been gazetted.  Please note that all personal details from the submissions have been removed.

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