Amendment C171port - St Kilda Marina

This Amendment facilitates the redevelopment of the St Kilda Marina by rezoning it to a Special Use Zone.

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At its meeting on 17 June 2020, Council resolved to adopt Amendment C171port with changes pursuant to section 29 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

View the 17 June 2020 Amendment C171port Council meeting Report and minutes.

Council adopted Panel’s recommendations and recommend modifying the Amendment documentation to reflect the changes proposed by the Panel, with the exception of the recommendation to include a requirement for a Community Engagement Report as part of the Development Plan in DPO2.

Instead, Council resolved to undertake non-statutory consultation on the Development Plan, once an application is received, prior to Council making any planning decision on the Development Plan. The Council Report (and attachments) from 17 June 2020 provides rational for Council’s adopted position.

View the Amendment C171port Panel Report. 

Next Steps

The adopted Amendment C171port will now be submitted to the Minister for Planning requesting approval.

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