Significant tree permit

A permit is required to prune or remove a significant tree or palm under Community Amenity Local Law No.1, Clause 44.

A significant tree permit is required in addition to any planning permit required by the Port Phillip Planning Scheme.

Exemptions: Some pruning and tree removal maybe exempt from obtaining a permit. Details of exemptions are in Local Law No. 1 (Community Amenity). Contact Development Permits (see below) if further clarification is required.

Definition of a Significant Tree

A Significant Tree means a tree or palm on private land:

  • With a trunk circumference of 150 centimetres or greater measured 1 metre from the base;
  • A multi-stemmed tree where the circumference of its exterior stems equals or is greater than 1.5 metres when measured 1 metre from its base; or
  • If the tree has been removed, a trunk circumference of 150 centimetres or greater measured at its base.Application requirement

Application requirements

The applicant is required to:

  • Submit a complete application form and pay the application fee.
  • Include a site plan or drawing to clarify the tree location.
  • Provide detailed documentation, including photographs or diagrams, outlining the proposed extent of pruning or removal.
  • Provide written consent from the Body Corporate Manager or Committee of Management (if applicable).

Our process:

  • Applications are reviewed by our Arborist who will provide a recommendation t.
  • The applicant will then be notified of the decision.
  • Please allow 10 business days for an application to be assessed. Pruning or removal of a significant tree must not occur without a permit.

What does the permit cost?

Pruning only, application fee $70.55, or
Removal, application fee $180, plus
Permit fee - $70.55

How do I lodge my application?

Apply online: Visit Online Services where you can lodge your request. You will be taken through the following steps to complete your request:

  • register/Log in - you must register and/or log in to apply for a Development Permit
  • select the permit type - select the type of permit under Apply for a Development Permit
  • address search - allows you to select your address to which your permit will be allocated
  • name - select the 'Click to Add Name' icon to enter your name and contact details if it is not already showing
  • enter details - enter relevant information and attach the required documents (see application form)
  • confirmation - confirm your application details and agree to the terms and conditions of permit use
  • payment - securely pay by credit card and a receipt number will be issued

Alternatively, you can submit a complete Significant Tree (Pruning / Removal) Permit Application (PDF 100 KB), all supporting documents, and payment of the application fee. For advice phone (03) 9209 6216.

If assessment of the application determines it is appropriate to issue a permit, the permit fee must be paid.

Post: Development Permits, City of Port Phillip, Private Bag 3, St Kilda VIC 3182
In person: Planning & Building counter, St Kilda Town Hall, cnr Carlisle St and Brighton Rd, St Kilda

card payment fee applies.

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