Asset Protection permit

An Asset Protection permit is required by a builder to carry out building or demolition works on Council or community land. The permit ensures community assets, infrastructure or amenity are not damaged as a result of works.

Assessment process

Once Council has received notification from your building surveyor of intended building and/or demolition works, a letter with an application is sent to the property owner notifying the requirement to obtain an Asset Protection permit prior to commencing works.

Council's Asset Protection Officer will undertake an inspection of the area to determine the bond amount within 10 business days.

After payment of the bond the Asset Protection permit will be issued.

Important information

  • Council assets must not be damaged by the building works. Any damage may result in fines to the permit holder and/or builder.
  • The City of Port Phillip reserves the right to undertake all rectification works for damage to Council assets and will deduct these costs from the security bond. The City of Port Phillip will seek to recover any further costs if the bond does not cover the rectification costs.
  • If building works commence without an Asset Protection permit, infringement notices may be issued to the property owner and/or builder for failing to comply with the Council's Local Law. In this situation, Council will assume that there was no existing damage to public assets prior to the commencement of the building works.
  • Any damage to Council's assets by Service Authorities will be the owners/permit holder's responsibility.

What does the permit cost?

Application and inspection fees:

  • Re‐blocking or underpinning - $240.30
  • Demolition (does not include any building works) - $240.30
  • Building works between $5,000 and $20,000 - $336.40
  • Building works over $20,000 other than those types listed below: - $336.40
  • Single dwelling construction - $824.55
  • Unit development ‐ up to 4 units - $1,011.25
  • Unit development ‐ more than 4 units and up to 8 units - $2,237.25
  • Multi‐storey development more than 2 and up to 5 storeys - $2,237.25
  • Multi‐storey development more than 5 storeys - $3,370.00

Security bonds are  determined after inspection:

  • usually between $2,500 and $5,000 for building works on a single dwelling
  • commercial development - determined after inspected

card payment fee applies.

How do I lodge my application?

Submit a complete Asset Protection Application (PDF 193 KB) and associated documents. For advice call (03) 9209 6216.

  • Email:
  • Mail: Development Permits, City of Port Phillip, Private Bag 3, St Kilda VIC 3182
  • In person: Planning & Building counter, St Kilda Town Hall, cnr Carlisle St and Brighton Rd, St Kilda

Are any other permits required?

On most occasions during building works, you may need to occupy Council's surrounding assets to work from, including the placement or equipment or storage of materials.

If so, you may be required to apply for permit approval. Permits may include: Skip Bin permit, Street Occupation/Hoarding permit, Road Opening permit, Temporary or Permanent Vehicle Crossings, Work Zone permit, Road Closure permit, Out of Hours permit.

Notification of completion of works

At the completion of all building and associated works, the applicant must submit a Request for Final Inspection (PDF 88 KB) to request the return of the bond.

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