Construction permits

There are a number of construction permits you may need, depending on your project.

There are a number of construction permits you may need, depending on your project.

Asset Protection permit

Most building projects require Asset Protection to ensure public assets and infrastructure such as roads, footpaths and trees are not damaged and protects the builder from any existing damage.

Out of Hours permit

Required when building works need to be undertaken outside Council's specified construction hours and days.

Road Opening permit

For any works that involve making or reinstating a hole or excavation.

Road Closure permit

Requested when you need to wholly or partially close a road, street or lane.

Significant Tree permit

A permit is required to prune or remove a tree or palm if it is defined as 'significant' under Local Law.

Skip Bin permit

Registered skip bin companies must obtain a permit before a bulk rubbish container is placed on a road or Council-owned land.

Street Occupation permit

A street occupation, or hoarding, permit allows part or all of a footpath or road to be occupied for a variety of construction needs.

Vehicle Crossover permit

Allows either a temporary or permanent vehicle crossing to be constructed.

Work Zone permit

Provides dedicated parking for construction workers' vehicles during the period of building works.

Working within a road reserve consent

Consent to dig in any part of a road reserve that is managed by Council.

Living with construction

Our city and population are growing rapidly, and you may find yourself living or working near a construction site. Visit the Living with Construction guide to discover how to deal with some of the challenges that may arise.

Need help?

Whether you have general questions or need specific construction permit advice, our Construction Permits team are happy to chat.

Phone: 03 9209 6216
In person: visit the Planning and Building Counter at St Kilda Town Hall during opening hours Monday to Friday

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