Building and construction can cover a broad range of matters related to building regulations, siting provisions, legal requirements concerning issues of safety and the rights of others, and the permit surrounding your works.

Drawing on the Building Code of Australia, Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2018, the Port Phillip Building team provides accurate advice, and offers a competitive building permit and inspection service.

Please ensure you read through where do I start before commencing this process.

Do I need building approval

Before lodging a building permit, you should seek advice on whether a permit is required.

Lodge a building permit application

Discover the details on how to lodge and pay for your building permit, as well as the types of projects that are applicable for a permit.

Construction permits

Required to help minimise inconvenience to the community and maximise safety. Includes Asset Protection and POPES.

Report and consent

Seek approval from Council to proceed with works that don't comply with the Building Regulations 2018, or when they affect community assets.

Drainage access points

Locating your drainage access point is important when for you and your neighbours to avoid water damage such as dampness and flooding.

Certificate of Compliance

Certification that all structural design works have been carried out in accordance with Australian regulations and standards.

Safety guides

Find a wide range of Victorian Building Authority (VBA) guides that will help you keep your home or building safe, both inside and out.

Swimming pool and spa registration

The Victorian Government has introduced new requirements to improve swimming pool and spa safety, including inspection, maintenance and compliance requirements for property owners.


Constructing a fence may require a planning permit or building permit, or the report and consent of Council.

You should also consider fence restrictions if you are in a Heritage Overlay.

When making changes, it's important to keep your neighbours in the loop and talk early in the process. Any fencing disputes between neighbours is a civil matter through the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.

More information about fencing requirements can be found in the Fences Amendment Act 2014, Building Regulations 2018 and Port Phillip Planning Scheme.

Living with construction

This is your guide on how best to consider your neighbours and work through any issues that may arise from living next to construction.

Event permits

If you are looking to hold an outdoor event, you may need to build amenities such as stages and marquees. To find out how to apply for event permits, including a Place of Public Entertainment permit, visit outdoor events and activities.

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