A planning permit may be required if you change the way you use or develop land. Requirements can vary considerably depending on the property and proposal.

If your application is a minor, straightforward project, it may be eligible to be assessed as a Fast Track or VicSmart application.

How to apply

The easiest way submit your application is to apply and pay online for the following categories:

  • Car Parking Waiver
  • Change of Use and Development (Commercial, Industrial or Mixed Use)
  • Change of Use Only (used to change how you use your land or building - visit Planning Ahead to find your current zones)
  • Development Only (Commercial, Industrial or Mixed Use)
  • Liquor Licence
  • Multi Dwelling Residential Application (two or more dwellings on a lot)
  • Single Dwelling Residential Application (one dwelling on a lot)
  • Signage Only.

You may need multiple permits if you are planning to change the use of land. To find out if it's useful to apply for all your permits at once, visit business permits or get in touch with the Planning Team.

Before submitting, ensure you are familiar with the costs involved including the Metropolitan Planning Levy

How do I lodge my application?

Follow these steps to apply online:

  1. Register or log in using registration details
  2. Apply for a permit
  3. Select permit type
  4. Address
  5. Lodge
  6. Confirmation - Accept terms and conditions of use
  7. Summary - Attach any required documents
  8. Payment - Securely pay by credit card

A card payment fee applies.

When we receive your online application, it will be allocated an application number. We will email you an acknowledgement letter once your application has been formally lodged. A Council planning officer will then start the assessment process.

Please note, we prefer electronic copies of your planning application documents are emailed to us, however, we will accept hardcopy documents submitted at the Planning and Building counter located at St Kilda Town Hall. We do not accept hardcopy plans larger than A3.

What to include

  • Application form
  • A current Certificate of Title and Plan of Subdivision, produced no later than three months from your lodgement date
  • Proposed plan or supporting documents
  • A copy of the Metropolitan Planning Levy Certificate, if applicable

For a change of use permit, you are required to additionally provide a written submission where relevant. The submission includes:

  • details of how you would like to use the land
  • details of the types of activities which will be carried out
  • proposed hours of operation
  • maximum number of staff at any one time
  • maximum number of patrons or customers at any one time
  • the number of car parking spaces, if any, allocated to the proposed use
  • the likely effects, if any, on adjoining land including:
    • noise levels
    • traffic
    • hours of delivery and dispatch of goods and materials
    • hours of operation
    • light spill
    • solar access
    • glare
    • air-borne emissions
    • emissions to land and water.
  • how land not required for use will be maintained
  • the type and quantity of materials and goods to be stored, processed, produced or delivered
  • whether a Works Approval or Waste Discharge Licence is required from the Environmental Protection Authority
  • if an Occupational Health and Safety (Major Hazard Facilities) Regulations 2000 notification is required, provide a licence under the Dangerous Goods Act 1995, or a fire protection quantity under the Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) Regulations 2000

Parking management

Please note, a parking assessment is undertaken during the statutory planning assessment process.

For all new residential developments where there is an increase in the number of residential dwellings on the lot, or in the case of a subdivision of an existing building where insufficient parking exists, you will not be permitted to obtain resident or visitor parking permits, irrespective of the level of on-site parking provided.

Learn more about Council's Parking Management Policy.

Need help?

If you have any further queries about your planning permit application, please contact us:

Visit Online Services 24/7
Phone: 03 9209 6424
In person: visit the Planning and Building Counter at St Kilda Town Hall during opening hours Monday to Friday
Post: Statutory Planning, City of Port Phillip, Private Bag 3, St Kilda VIC 3182

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