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    An additional seven business days will be added to the advertising and application period during this time.
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    You can call the Planning Department on 03 9209 6424. 

Getting a planning permit can be a long process depending on the complexity of the project. You should allow three months before the planner is ready to commence their report.

When creating your plans, you should think about the qualities and characteristics of our neighbourhoods and seek further information from Planning Victoria's Guide to Victoria's planning system.

Please ensure you read through where do I start before commencing this process.

Before lodging a planning permit, you should seek pre-application advice to check if a permit is required.

Lodge a planning permit

Discover the details on how to lodge, pay for and amend your planning permit, as well as FastTrack and VicSmart permits.

Advertising planning applications

Some permit applications will need to be advertised through Public Notice if they have the potential to impact neighbouring properties.

Extend or amend a permit

Information on extending the development start and end dates, and changing submitted permit details and plans.

Appeal a decision (VCAT)

If you're permit application is refused or you're unhappy with the conditions specified, you can request a decision review.


The subdivision processes and requirements for properties being divided into two or more parts, creating individual titles.

Complying with permit conditions

Your planning permit conditions may require you to submit additional plans or other materials for endorsement.

Certificate of Compliance (Planning)

Check if your plans or existing use complies with the requirements of the planning scheme and planning permit.

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