Gather property information

Before jumping into your project, it is important you first check your property information as this could affect what you can do. You should also start thinking about who you want to engage with during the project, as well as the times and costs involved.

Find my property information

If you're thinking of buying a place or seeking information on a property, visit Planning Ahead to gather the property information, including zones, overlays and reports, and search the address.

Certificate of Title

When completing a planning or building permit, you will need to provide a current copy of the Certificate of Title for your property (less than 3 months old).

You can order a current copy of the Certificate of Title for your property by searching the title register at the Landata website, selecting Certificates for Register Search Statement (Title) and Copy of Plan. If Owners Corporation Basic Report automatically ticks, please untick as this is not required.

Certificates can also be obtained in person at the Land Information Centre.

The Certificate of Title should include full information of any covenants or restrictions on the title and a plan/diagram showing the lot layout and dimensions.

Request for existing building permit approvals (Regulation 51)

This request provides certificates relating to Building Permits and property information as part of Regulation 51. There are three parts to Regulation 51 requests:

  • Part 1: Building Permit Particulars - a certificate providing information relating to building permits issued in the previous 10 years, and any outstanding notices and/or orders.
  • Part 2: Property Information - a certificate providing information relating to termite and flood prone areas.
  • Part 3: Dates of inspections - details of inspections carried out at mandatory notification stages during previous building works, both on the building and land.

To request a search, register as a user and lodge on Online Services.


Your application request will not be processed until the applicable fees have been paid.

If your request is urgent, an express service and fee is available, which provides your documentation within 24 hours.

Fee detailsStandard feeExpress fee
Regulation 51(1)$47.95$87.95
Regulation 51 (2)$47.95$87.95
Regulation 51 (3)$47.95$87.95

A card payment fee applies.

Need Regulation 51 help?

If you need more information or a hardcopy form, please contact the Building team.

Online: Online Services
Phone: 03 9209 6253
In person: visit the Enquiries Counter at St Kilda Town Hall during opening hours Monday to Friday

Engineering standard drawings

Find detailed information to design, construct or reinstate our assets with engineering standard drawings.

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