Sustainability vision sessions

We offer organisations in Port Phillip sustainability vision sessions facilitated by experienced sustainability professionals.

Years of working with community organisations, businesses and individuals to take sustainability action has shown us that without a sustainability vision, these actions can easily get dropped, moved, postponed or forgotten about.  

For an organisation to have a maximum impact, our experience shows you need: 

  • clear philosophical sustainability intent with executive level sustainability support
  • a clear sustainability vision
  • sustainability SMART goals
  • a sustainability reporting structure linked to executive team
  • allocation of resources to achieve sustainability goals
  • team unification around sustainability goals
  • action oriented sustainability strategy
  • sustainability training and education
  • regular sustainability reporting.

We offer organisations in Port Phillip sustainability vision sessions facilitated by experienced sustainability professionals. 

What is involved?

There is no cost for these sessions. 

  • A 45-minute pre-session meeting or workshop (if required) to discuss the purpose, requirements and other aspects that may be specific to your organisation.
  • A 90-minute facilitated session at your site (or on-line) to create your draft sustainability vision and action plan.
    • Group size will depend on the size of your organisation, but we’ve found that 10-15 people is around the maximum. We strongly recommend that the key decision makers and organisational leaders are in the room for the entirety of this session. If these people cannot attend, then we suggest you delay and reschedule the session.
  • We will collate all the notes to create a draft vision statement which will be sent to you within a few working days after the session.
  • The opportunity to organise a follow up session to establish clear SMART goals.
  • The opportunity to receive advice and training in relation to sustainability reporting.
  • The opportunity to organise an action planning session(s).
  • The opportunity to work with City of Port Phillip sustainability professionals to implement the mechanics that lead to the achievement of the SMART goals.

Feedback from recent sessions

“Thanks for all the amazing work, I'm super impressed and pumped!”

“This document looks great! So extensive!”

“Thanks for your support with all this! So, we’re off and running!“

“Wow! That is so powerful. I just can’t thank you enough. No way could I have got the ball rolling like that. I had great feedback about the session. Can’t wait to roll our sleeves up and get started!!!!!”

Preparation and materials

We keep it simple, a pen and a piece of paper or a laptop (or another device).

Pre-session, give some thought to what you want to achieve and the environmental legacy you’d like to leave behind. The following are some good questions to share with you colleagues prior to the session. We have also provided a sample of what you can expect to receive following the completion of the Vision Session.

  • Some questions to contemplate:
    • What is an environmental vision and why do you think it is important?
    • If you could go back in time, say 5 years, what would you say to your younger self?
    • Why is the environment and sustainability important?
    • If you could go forward in time, say 5 years, what would like to have achieved for the environment?
    • What types of things could you and your organisation do to achieve your environmental goals?

We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you create a sustainability vision and action plan.

Get started

If your organisation is within the City of Port Phillip and you would like to participate in this program please contact the Sustainability team at to have an initial discussion and / or to book in a session.