Adventure playgrounds

The City of Port Phillip's adventure playgrounds are designed for children five to 12 years, with climbing structures, trampolines, cubbies, natural play spaces and more. We value free, unstructured activity.

From Thursday 18 February 2021, South Melbourne (Skinners) Adventure Playground and St Kilda Adventure Playground are open to both the general public and registered users.

In line with Victorian Government capacity requirements, maximum group gatherings of 20 people are permitted.

COVID-19 conditions of entry:

  • Visitors must use the QR Codes provided or an attendance form at the gates for all people attending prior to entry.
  • Anyone over the age of 12 years is required to carry a face mask in the event that physical distancing cannot be established or maintained.

Our playgrounds are places where children can use their imagination, run, climb, jump, create and play.

We focus on three key elements to provide a complete experience:

  • recreation opportunities (engagement)
  • support systems (resilience)
  • leadership and participation activities (empowerment).
  • Both playgrounds are staffed during opening times, though we recommend all children are supervised by a parent or guardian.

Both playgrounds are staffed during opening times, though we recommend all children are supervised by a parent or guardian.

Children under five years must always be actively supervised by a parent or guardian.

St Kilda Adventure Playground and South Melbourne (Skinners) Adventure Playground are open all year round!

Opening hours

South Melbourne

Monday to Friday 3.30 - 5.30 pm
Weekends 12 midday - 4.30 pm
School Holidays 12 midday - 4.30 pm

St Kilda

Tuesday to Friday 3.30 - 5.30 pm
Weekends 12 midday - 4.30 pm
School Holidays 12 midday - 4.30 pm

We recommend calling the playgrounds to check opening times to avoid disappointment.

The playgrounds may be closed:

  • when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees or the forecast temperature is 38 degrees or above
  • if the temperature reaches 35 degrees while the playgrounds are open
  • during hail, heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms
  • poor air quality due to smoke from bushfires
  • for maintenance, safety audits, staff training and targeted activities
  • when programs and activities for specific groups of children are being hosted at the Playground
  • hours generated automatically on search engines such as Google or listed in Blogs/Articles are not always accurate.

School holiday hours

Both Adventure Playgrounds are open seven days a week during school holidays from 12 midday to 4.30 pm.

During school terms the St Kilda Adventure Playground does not open Mondays.

Conditions of entry

The City of Port Phillip follows Child Safe Standards and all visitors are to follow the conditions of entry:

  • The playgrounds are a child-friendly zone.
  • Adults are only permitted in the playgrounds when accompanying a child or children.
  • Remember that you are entering the 'backyard' of local families and children.
  • No alcohol, smoking, drugs or anti-social behaviour permitted in the playgrounds.
  • No dogs are permitted in the playgrounds (service dogs only).
  • Respect others privacy by only taking photos of you and your family or group in the playgrounds.
  • The Playgrounds are a 'Junk Food Free Zone'. To promote healthy lifestyles with local children, all sweet, fatty or fast food or drink must be consumed before entering.
  • The Playgrounds care for the environment. Please use the correct bins and do not drop rubbish on the ground.
  • The Adventure Playgrounds are a complete nut free zone. We recommend members and visitors with any form of special or restricted dietary requirement bring all of their own food/snacks/meals.

Family Support

Council provides support and referral for family, youth and children.

Please see the Family Support section of the City of Port Phillip website for additional information. Adventure Playground staff onsite can assist with connecting community to support staff, please ask friendly staff for additional information.

Playground upgrades

Council officers regularly inspect both adventure playgrounds. Where required, actions and playground upgrades will be taken to manage risk and maintain safety, while still recognising and preserving the unique environment of our adventure playgrounds.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during our consultation process in late 2018. This information is being considered in the concept design plans for the two Adventure Playgrounds upgrades.

We have committed $2.7m in the 2017-27 financial plan for the playgrounds. This will fund minor upgrades and maintenance work anticipated to commence in the 2020-21 financial year.

Further input will be sought from the community when concept designs have been developed. We appreciate your support and hope you will enjoy visiting the Adventure Playgrounds in the meantime.

Changes to play equipment

Pirate ship

The Adventure Playground sites have been an iconic space for families and children in Port Phillip for over 40 years.

Often, the playground equipment seems to stand test of time, however, we unfortunately know this is not the case and at times it may not be possible for equipment to be repaired or patched-up.

This is the case for the rear of the Pirate Ship at St Kilda Adventure Playground, which has resulted in the removal of the Ship.

We look forward to erecting an innovative and creative play item in the former Ship location as part of the up-coming Adventure Playground upgrades.

Re-purpose of the aeroplane

As part of our commitment to preserving and restoring the Adventure Playgrounds, they are inspected on a regular basis to ensure equipment meets public safety standards. The Aeroplane has had many refurbishments over the past decades. Due to its age and wear and tear, it has been identified the aeroplane will no longer be a climbable play feature. We acknowledge the symbolic aspect of the aeroplane. We have taken steps to ensure it is still able to be an interactive feature of the St Kilda Adventure Playground.

Although not able to be climbed, the Aeroplane will still feature at the site. It will have interactive blackboards surrounding it and will feature a mural depicting imagery of the Playground over the past years. We have talented and artistic staff that will be working on a mural with young people from the community, to capture the history of the much loved aeroplane.

Other playgrounds

To find other playgrounds in your area, visit find parks and playgrounds.

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