Albert Park and Middle Park

Where to shop, dine and relax in the neighbourhoods of Albert Park and Middle Park.

Area: 3 km2
2016 population: 11,428
2011 population: 10,908
Average annual growth rate (2011-2016): 4.7 per cent

(Source: ABS National Census 2011 - 2016)

Geography of the area

The Albert Park/Middle Park neighbourhood is bounded by the foreshore to the south, Pickles Street, Richardson Street, St Vincent Street, Nelson Road and Park Street to the west, Ferrars Street and Canterbury Road to the north and Fraser Street to the west.


Albert Park/Middle Park is one of the older neighbourhoods of the City of Port Phillip. Housing stock generally dates from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, with a significant stock of flats and apartments from the 1930s and 1940s. Albert Park is only minutes from the foreshore, with a short stroll or tram ride down Victoria Avenue. A relaxed pace is recommended as there's yet more dining options and tempting retail stores to browse and window-shop. The foreshore also contains a number of high rise residential towers dating from the 1960s onwards.

The neighbourhood is well known for its Victoria- era attached and row housing. The limited opportunities for redevelopment relative to other areas within Port Phillip have contributed to a static population from 2011 - 2016. Behind the façade of many of these Victorian cottages and terraces lies a hive of activity, as Albert Park has increasingly become the home of specialist advertising and marketing companies, architects, graphic designers and other boutique small businesses.

Surrounded by parkland Albert Park is synonymous with style and sophistication. Bridport Street has become renowned for its upmarket retailers and trendy cafes where Melbourne's cool crowd gathers for brunch, lunch and everything in-between.

A stroll around Albert Park is a must. Start with the magnificent terrace homes of St Vincent's Place, then explore the rose gardens and exquisite fretwork of the many Victorian cottages that line every street in Albert Park.

The neighbourhood is well served by trams. Get on and off the 96 at Bridport Street. Catch the 1 on Victoria Avenue.

Other notable physical features include the foreshore, Albert Park recreation area and the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

Albert Park's twin precinct, Middle Park, shares much of the architectural history and gracious gardens of its neighbour. Middle Park also prides itself on its relaxed relationship with the more raffish charms of St Kilda. With Fitzroy Street forming its southern border, Middle Park attracts residents and visitors who enjoy a comfortable and friendly culture.

Armstrong Street is the hub of this culture and offers a myriad specialist retail offerings, eating-out options and general convenience shopping.

Only a short stroll from the foreshore on one side and the picturesque Albert Park on the other side, Middle Park has developed a reputation for shops that specialise in leisure activities for the many visitors who flock to this picturesque bayside suburb. There are also many retail stores and service businesses that meet the everyday needs of this bustling community.

Getting there

Tram routes: 1 , 96

Bus routes: 606

For timetables and information visit Public Transport Victoria.

If you would like further information based on the 2016 Census, please refer to the Albert-Middle Park profile id or for Port Phillip wide data, refer to the City of Port Phillip profile id.

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