Guided walks in Port Phillip

Discover the heritage treasures and secret histories of Port Phillip with guided walks.

Buttons, Bonnets and Bottlecaps

Sunday 11 April from 2 to 4 pm

Join Meyer Eidelson to seek out traces and stories of historic local industries through Middle Park’s leafy streets and lanes.

Bookings are essential at Trybooking.

This walk will follow COVID-safe guidelines.

P J Esmonde Bakery, Armstrong Street, Middle Park. Port Phillip City Collection sm2716

The People's Gardens

Saturday 1 May from 10 am to 12 midday

Marilyn Rudd leads this walk to explore how St Kilda locals have used gardens over time from Indigenous, botanic, guerrilla, recreational, community, street and commerce.

Bookings are essential at Trybooking.

This walk will follow COVID-safe guidelines.

Centre beds, Blessington Street Gardens, St Kilda, 1930. Port Phillip City Collection sk0039

Property in Port (online)

Sunday 2 May from 2 to 3 pm

Join Janet Bolitho on this virtual tour to explore the historic ups and downs of Port Melbourne land sales – colonisation, property, estate agents and developers - from the first land auctions until today.

Bookings essential at Trybooking.

Charles Nettleton, Bay Street, (Central View), 1876 -1891. Port Phillip City Collection pm0445

The Spirit of South Melbourne (online)

Sunday 23 May from 2 to 3 pm

Tobias Nash leads this virtual tour exploring the surprising variety of past and present places of belief and faith in South Melbourne and Albert Park.

Bookings essential at Trybooking.

Presbyterian Mission Hall, Gladstone Street, South Melbourne, c1905. Port Phillip City Collection sm2739

The Lost Schools of St Kilda (online)

Sunday 6 June from 2 to 3 pm

Meyer Eidelson virtually traces early private St Kilda schools that existed for ‘young ladies and gentlemen’ before Victoria’s free education system of 1872.

Bookings essential at Trybooking.

The Hofwyl School, St Kilda, c1862. Port Phillip City Collection sk0692

Engineered on the Bend (online)

Sunday 27 June from 2 to 3 pm

Janet Bolitho virtually pursues engineering and design stories of Fishermans Bend from cars and cranes to coffee roasting and whisky distilling. With guest presenter David Radcliffe.

Bookings essential at Trybooking.

'The record shipment' - three hundred hogsheads (thirty wagon loads) of 'Boomerang' brandy leaving Joshua Brothers Distillery in Pickles Street Port Melbourne for the ship Illawarra, for London, 13 March 1903. Port Phillip City Collection pm1624