One of multiple entrances to Gasworks Arts Park

Facilities and features

  • Art studio
  • BBQs
  • Benches
  • Bins
  • Dog off-leash
  • Free parking
  • Paths
  • Picnic area
  • Playground
  • Public toilets
  • Public transport
  • Running
  • Shade trees

Other information

For more information, visit the Gasworks Arts Park website.


21 Graham Street, Albert Park


Gasworks Arts Park is bordered by Graham, Pickles, Richardson and Foote streets in Albert Park.
There are access gates located along each street perimeter.

Getting there


Catch tram number 1 along Victoria Street and get off at stop number 30 at Graham street or stop number 31 at Victoria street and walk 2 blocks west toward Pickles Street.


Take route 606 along Richardson Street and get off outside Gasworks or take routes 250, 251 or 253 along Bay Street, Port Melbourne and walk along Richardson toward the corner of Richardson and Pickles.


There are parking bays located on Graham street adjacent to the theatre and gallery entrance. Parking restrictions apply. The gravel area previously used for parking is now closed and returned to parkland to reduce the risk to public safety.

Download the Travel Smart Map of Port Phillip (PDF 2.5 MB)

Alternatively, visit the Public Transport Victoria website for further information.


The arts complex includes two theatres, three gallery spaces, a café, function and workshop spaces. The artist studios support sixteen resident visual artists. The reserve hosts a farmers market on the 3rd Saturday of every month.


Dogs are permitted off-leash, though dogs are not permitted within 5 meters of the playground and BBQ areas, penalties apply. Parking restrictions apply in some surrounding streets, please check the parking signs for more information or call ASSIST on 03 9209 6777 for specific parking information.

Gasworks Arts Park houses multiple Visual Arts Studios

About the park

The Gasworks site operated as a gasworks foundry from 1871 when the land was originally leased by the South Melbourne Gas Company, until its closure in 1971. Following decommissioning of the gas plant in 1971, South Melbourne City Council purchased the Council’s portion of the site in 1979. The rest of the site remained as Crown Land. The South Melbourne City Council was appointed Committee of Management over the crown land portion of the park in 1982. In 1984 Council established a working party to prepare a plan for the transformation of the site into a park.

Soil testing and remediation of the site initially began in 1985. In 1986, whilst this work was underway, a park plan was developed to transform the former site into a park. Original features of the foundry were retained and remain within the park today. Gasworks Inc. was formed in 1986 and was funded to develop an arts precinct in the park. The renovated industrial buildings now cater for theatre productions, artists’ studios and art galleries and house a café.

Public art

There are a number of public art pieces within the park as well as the Gasworks Theatre and artists studios. For more information on public artworks or to organise an art tour, visit the Gasworks Arts Park website.

Sculpture of a boat with a person rowing and a dog riding up front raised off the ground at the entrance to Gasworks Arts Park off Graham Street

Man, Dog, Boat, created by Henry Smith

Sculpture of a white dress with wings on the outside wall of the Gasworks Arts Park Theatre

The Angel, created by Sione Francis

Bush trail

There were many aboriginal language groups living along the Victorian coastline that utilised the plants for food and medicinal purposes. The Bush Trail through the park takes you on a journey of discovery exploring the plant life of Melbourne’s coastline. Today we still make products from many of these plants including medicines.

Download the Bush trail walking map and botanical information (PDF 206 KB).

Contamination management

Gasworks Arts Park requires soil and groundwater contamination management to address the long standing issue of contamination at the site. Council is working closely with the Victorian Government to ensure the park can be successfully remediated and continue as a public park into the future.

The latest community update has further information regarding the contamination management process.

Alternatively, please visit the soil remediation page for more information.

Extension to the trial use of Gasworks Arts Park and Lemnos Square by Albert Park College

On 17 March 2021 Council resolved to extend the trial use of Gasworks Arts Park and Lemnos Square by Albert Park College during recess (11 to 11.20 am) and lunchtime (12.20 to 1.10 pm). You can read the details of the Council resolution here.

The trial has been extended for the 2021 school year, with a licence agreement in place between Council and Albert Park College outlining the terms of use. The licence agreement includes the following conditions, listed in the Council resolution:

  • the licence does not provide for exclusive use to the school
  • the licence covers the defined area in Gasworks Arts Park as per the Victorian Government Gazettal, maintaining the majority of the park for other park uses
  • the licence restricts access to lunchtime and recess periods only
  • the licence requires a fifty percent increase of teachers supervising Gasworks Arts Park at all times and clearly be identified to the community
  • the licence prohibits sporting games or the use of sporting equipment, specifically no ball games against the Gasworks walls as this disturbs rehearsals and performances
  • the licence requires students and teachers to use the path network within Gasworks Arts Park 
  • the licence requires appropriate public liability insurance to be in place
  • the licence includes requirements for the school to reimburse Council for any maintenance works required due to school use
  • the licence stipulates that the public amenities within the Gasworks Theatre and Café complex are not to be utilised by the school
  • the licence has an end date of 31 December 2021
  • the licence requires members of the school leadership team to visit the park on a regular basis during rostered hours of usage to monitor all licence requirements
  • the licence area excludes any land leased to Gasworks Arts Inc
  • the licence stipulates students do not climb on the building roofs as it disturbs the resident artists, tenants and performances. 

Feedback on the trial

We encourage you to provide us feedback on the trial use of Gasworks Arts Park. You can email us directly at

Please address concerns regarding Albert Park College, by contacting the College on 8695 9000.

The grassy park area at Gasworks Arts Park, also a dog park