St Kilda

About the artist

Maria-Rosa Szychowska is a Polish-French-Canadian mural artist. Her style can be described as visual poetry. She specializes in portraiture and underwater animals. Her artworks are characterized by a sensitive touch, a strong use of light effects and the ability to stir the depths of the soul with her mesmerizing characters. Her aim is to transport viewers to a world where reality blends seamlessly with the magical, evoking a wide range of emotions and inspiring contemplation.

Maria-Rosa is a Port Phillip local living in St Kilda. 

Instagram: @maria.rosa.szy

Artist's work

Les grands bâtisseurs. 2021. Gatineau, Canada. 

Moonlight Magic. 2022. Cronulla, Australia.

Whale Shark. 2022. Miami, Australia.

Wabos Sipi. 2019. Gatineau, Canada. 

Ocean Connection. 2020. Nusa Penida, Indonesia.