Millibai Barking Owl. Goorambat, VIC.



About the artist

Jimmy Dvate is a renowned Australian contemporary artist, specialising in large scale murals. Painting on the streets of Melbourne since 1997 his name is synonymous with the Graffiti and Street Art scenes and can be found all over the world. Trained in graphic design at Monash University, Jimmy’s work has a strong sense of design combined with the accuracy and eye for detail of photorealism. Underlying recent artworks is Jimmy’s passion for the environment, focusing on local native species.

I have always had a strong connection to the Port Phillip area. My first supported mural opportunities were through SKYS and I met many fellow artists there. My first artwork in a gallery was also through SKYS in a group show at the town hall. I've also painted numerous murals in the area. 

Instagram: @jimmy_dvate

Artist's work

Thirst. 2017. St Kilda. 

Crimson Rosella. 2022. Frankston. 

Eastern Spinebill. 2023. Mansfield. 

Platypus. 2021. Rochester.

Pink Cockatoo. 2021. Kyneton. 

Swift Parrot. 2020. Newport.