Ice Cream


St Kilda

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Jess began creating work in 2005, first exhibiting her work in 2008 predominantly under the pseudonym 23rd Key, she creates photo-realistic stencils and hand painted works. She has a background studying in Printmaking, Graphic Design, Audio Engineering and Architecture, and in recent years has adapted to installing and hand painting large scale mural works without the use of stencils.

I grew up in Albert Park, undertaking primary school in the area and only moving away for a few years, as I now live in St Kilda. I've spent more time living, working and plying in City of Port Phillip than any other municipality in the state, essentially growing up here.

Instagram: @23rdkey

Artist's work

Camus. 2021. Elwood

Built Offices. 2019. Southbank. 

Flower Bar. 2018. Kingsville. 

Shadow Puppets. 2017. Benalla. 

Tropical Flora. 2017. Brisbane. 

Flora. 2018. NJC Collingwood.