Business waste and recycling services

Find out if your building is eligible for a waste and recycling bin and the rules for our services.

We offer waste and recycling services for eligible local businesses. A weekly cardboard collection is offered to businesses trading along main shopping strips.

Eligibility for business waste services

Your business is eligible for our waste services if:

  • it is run from a property that is ‘rated’ (pays rates)
  • no other tenants in the building are already getting our waste services.

We offer one ‘service’ per property. If a business in your building is already getting waste services you will need to share bins.

Bin collection days for business

We empty your bins once a week. Check your area’s bin day.

Put your bins out on the street before 6 am on collection day, and make sure the lid is closed. They are emptied any time between 6 am to 8 pm on collection day. If your bin isn't picked up by 8 pm, contact us.

Cardboard collection

We offer a free cardboard collection service to businesses on major shopping strips. Your loose cardboard will be collected on bin day. Please make sure your cardboard is:

  • not more than one cubic metre in size
  • bundled and stacked neatly
  • placed at the immediate front or rear of your property
  • put out the night prior to collection.

We won’t collect any plastics or general waste that is left beside bins.

Cardboard collection – locations and days




Bridport Street, Clarendon Street, Victoria Street


Carlisle Street


Brighton Road, Glen Eira Road, Glen Huntly Road, Ormond Road


Acland Street, Armstrong Street, Barkly Street, Blessington Street, Fitzroy Street

Business bins – what can go into them

You should follow the same rules for putting things in bins at work as you do at home. Only office and lunchroom waste should go in them. For things like bulk foods or oil you will need to book a trade or commercial waste service from a private provider

Bin repairs, replacements or different sizes

If your bin goes missing, is damaged, is too large or small, we can help. Request a new, missing, extra or change to your bin or phone ASSIST on 03 9209 6777

Putting business waste in public litter bins – don’t do it

The public bins on streets and in parks are for us all to use for small litter only. Putting your residential/commercial waste into these bins is illegal. To report misuse of public litter bins contact ASSIST on 03 9209 6777