Clean streets and waterways

Council undertakes a wide range of services to keep our City clean and safe. From street and beach cleaning to dumped rubbish collection, graffiti removal and litter prevention.

Dumped rubbish

Report dumped rubbish

Graffiti removal

Request graffiti removal

Hard rubbish collection

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Dumped rubbish

Council collects all dumped rubbish reported to us. We run a proactive service in hot-spot areas to manage the impacts of illegally dumped rubbish. Waste Management and Local Laws officers work together to investigate offences and deliver targeted education to prevent them from occurring.

We remove around 50 to 60 tonnes of dumped waste from our streets each month, including an average of 360 mattresses, and recycle about 70 per cent of all material collected. The Waste Management team actions over 5,900 reports of dumped rubbish every year, ranging from discarded furniture to mattresses and fridges, and collect around 50 tonnes of illegally dumped waste every month.

Dumping of rubbish is illegal in the city of Port Phillip and can result in on-spot fines of up to $9,900 or $660.

To report dumped rubbish, contact us via online services.

Council offers a free hard rubbish collection service to residents. To avoid penalties, make sure to book a collection before putting out any hard rubbish.

Help us identify an offender

Collecting dumped rubbish is a significant cost to Council, and can only be recouped when the person responsible for dumping the rubbish is identified. Council wants your assistance to identify people and with your support, we can find those responsible, reduce costs and improve the amenity of our streets.

If you have any information that may help us identify illegal dumpers, we’d like to hear from you on 03 9209 6777.

Street and beach cleaning

Street sweeping occurs using mechanical and manual processes, every four weeks in residential areas, and daily in commercial zones. These services run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Council manages extensive daily foreshore and beach cleaning during summer and clean up of leaf fall in streets throughout autumn.

Street and beach cleaning services


Graffiti is any writing or images applied to property without permission. We provide easy processes for reporting graffiti services to remove and mitigate graffiti to improve livability in our City. Through collaboration with partners and our community, we're working to keep our streets clean and welcoming to all.

Graffiti management services

Amenity cleaning

We regularly clean public spaces, such as public toilets and shopping centres, to ensure the safety and comfort of residents and visitors.

Public toilets

Public conveniences along the foreshore are cleaned three times daily from November to March and twice daily from April to October. Public conveniences not located on the foreshore are cleaned twice daily from January to December. The City of Port Phillip Public Toilet Plan 2013-23 (PDF 1.1 MB) provides guidance and practical assistance for planning and decision making in the development, maintenance and operation of the public toilet network across the City of Port Phillip.

The City of Port Phillip Public Toilets Map (PDF 190 KB) provides details of locations across our City, including disabled toilet facilities. The National Public Toilet Map identifies the location of more than 13,000 public toilet facilities in Australia including rural areas and along major travel routes. Useful information is provided about each toilet, such as opening hours and access for people with a disability.

To ask a question, request information or give feedback about public toilets and public toilet cleaning, contact us.

Additional cleaning

Don't Waste it! Waste Management Strategy 2018-28

Our Don’t Waste It! Waste Management Strategy 2018-28 provides the blueprint for how Council and community will work together to create a more sustainable future for Port Phillip through the way we manage our waste, recyclables and organics. Find out more about Don't Waste It!

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