We understand that owners need spaces to let their dogs run and play without a leash. While all dogs must be kept on a leash while outside your property, we have designated off-leash areas at a number of local parks and reserves.

To find your nearest dog off-leash park or reserve, visit our Services Near Me page.

Restrictions take effect 1 November 2019 to 31 March 2020.

Maps and times for off-leash areas

For maps and times, please refer to the two off-leash maps:

When using these areas, dog owners must still carry a leash at all times and must be under effective control.

For a description of the boundaries of off-leash areas, the times when the designated areas are off-leash and Melways map references see Schedule designated areas (PDF 95 KB).

Please note: If you own a Greyhound, your dog is required to be on-leash even in off-leash areas.

For further information please refer to the signage at our beaches, parks and reserves.

Reminder to dog owners

  • Dogs may be exercised off-leash in a designated off-leash area provided they are under effective control by their owner. Effective control means:
    • the dog will return to its owner on command
    • the dog does not bother, attack, worry or interfere with other people or animals
    • the owner retains a clear and unobstructed view of the dog.
  • Off-leash activities are restricted to specified areas or times in some reserves and beaches. Please read the signs carefully when entering the reserve.
  • Dogs must be walked on a lead in all public areas other than those signed as off-leash. This rule doesn't just refer to parks and reserves but to the streets, paths and walkways as well.
  • Dogs are also not permitted within five metres of playgrounds, public barbeques or exercise equipment areas.


Random patrols are conducted during daylight hours throughout the year and people not complying are fined or prosecuted. Dog owners must ensure they have a plastic bag or an acceptable item to clean up after their dogs as failure to do so can result in an infringement being issued.

Your closest dog park

For those people living close to the edges of the City of Port Phillip, their closest dog park may not be in our municipality. For:

  • the St Kilda Road neighbourhood, your closest off-leash park may be Fawkner Park which is in the City of Melbourne's municipality Melbourne City Council
  • those living in neighbourhoods on the edge of Elwood and Ripponlea, Elsternwick Park which is in the City of Bayside could be the closest.


On the spot fines apply for

  • dogs wandering at large
  • not having dogs on leashes when they must be
  • failing to carry a bag and pick up after your dog.

Albert Park and dogs on beaches

Albert Park Lake

Albert Park Lake Reserve is managed by Parks Victoria, even though it is located in the City of Port Phillip. While the reserve is primarily an on-leash park, there is a good amount of space set aside for exercising your dog off a leash. More information is available on the Parks Victoria website.

Dogs on beaches

There are seven dog beaches in Port Phillip - five where pooches can play off their leashes all year round and two early morning dog beaches. Restrictions apply at other beaches depending on the season. See Dogs on Beaches for more information.

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