Unregistered and abandoned vehicles

The City of Port Phillip investigates unregistered and abandoned vehicles located on Council land. We are authorised to impound unregistered vehicles and vehicles considered to be abandoned.

If you suspect a vehicle is unregistered or abandoned

You can check the registration status of a vehicle by visiting the following websites:

What will we do once a vehicle is reported

Once a vehicle has been reported, we will conduct an inspection and commence an investigation to determine whether the vehicle is unregistered or abandoned.

When a vehicle is confirmed to be unregistered, a notice will be placed on the vehicle, in an attempt to contact the owner. The notice advises the owner to register the vehicle or remove it from Council land by a specified time. If the owner fails to contact us and the vehicle remains on Council land, the vehicle will be impounded.

When a registered vehicle is reported to us, we will attempt to advise the owner of the Local Government Act 1989 requirements. Council may consider a registered vehicle to be abandoned, if the owner does not contact us and the vehicle remains parked in the same location for at least two months.

If your vehicle receives one of our notices

Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can discuss our investigation with you.

If your vehicle has been impounded by Council

If you believe Council has impounded your vehicle, please contact us to discuss how you can reclaim the vehicle. Vehicles will not be released to the owner unless authorised by Council.

Vehicles will be towed and stored in accordance with Council Contract 2102, awarded to Manheim Pty Ltd.

The storage facility is located at 2 Gordon Luck Avenue, Altona North, 3025.

Vehicles that have been impounded can be claimed by the owner upon payment of the vehicle release fee of $445 including GST.

The owner will also be required to provide proof of ownership together with photo ID. The vehicle or trailer will also need to be towed out from the storage facility, due to safety and OHS requirements. Manheim also require at least 24 hours notice of intention to collect the vehicle

Vehicles that have not been claimed within 60 days will be sold at public auction.

To report an abandoned vehicle

To report a vehicle or for further details, please contact us.

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