Towed vehicles: report or retrieve

Report a vehicle that is blocking your driveway. How to get your vehicle back if it has been towed because of where or how you parked it.

We may tow and impound any vehicle that is parked in a clearway, that blocks access, or is illegally parked.

Report a vehicle blocking your driveway

If a vehicle is blocking your driveway, it may be possible to have it towed away.

To report it:

Find out if your vehicle has been towed

Vehicles that have been towed by Council for the above reasons will be transported to Nationwide Towing:

Phone: 134 869
34 Cromwell St Collingwood, (near the corner of Langridge St)
Collection times:

  • Monday to Friday: 6.30 am to 9 pm
  • Saturdays: 8 am to 1 pm
  • Closed Sunday and Public Holidays

Have your vehicle registration ready.

Clearway Tow-Away Zones:

  • Barkly Street
  • Princes Street
  • Alma Road
  • Grey Street
  • Inkerman Street
  • Dandenong Rd
  • Ormond Esplanade
  • Marine Parade
  • Beaconsfield Parade
  • Hotham Street
  • Punt Road
  • High Street
  • Union Street

If a vehicle is left standing on a Clearway Tow-Away Zone, it may be towed away.

To request more information or give us feedback about Clearway Tow Away Zones, contact us through Online Services.

Release fees

Towed vehicles will not be released until the tow release and storage fee is paid. Fees (as of 1 July 2022) are:

  • towing release fee: $460
  • storage fees: $21 per business day (if a vehicle is not collected from the impound yard in Collingwood after 48 hours).

A release fee of $805 will apply if a towed vehicle is not collected from the City Pound and subsequently transferred to an alternative location after seven days, and may also incur additional daily storage fee charges.

Ask for a refund of tow fees – special circumstances

If you parked illegally because of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances we will consider refunding the tow or impound fee. You need to provide proof of:

  • mechanical breakdown – a copy of your mechanic's report, or RACV report detailing the work performed, date and time
  • a medical emergency – an official letter from the hospital or treating doctor confirming that the driver was involved in a medical emergency at the time the vehicle was towed and why they could not leave to move the vehicle.

A medical emergency is a serious and unexpected situation involving illness or injury and requiring immediate action.

We do not accept statutory declarations.

We will review your claims and documents and contact you with our decision.

To check if your vehicle has been towed from a clearway, visit Nationwide Towing.

Please make sure you know your vehicle registration.

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