Temporary Permits are short term permits issued to allow people or organisations to park in specified areas for a short-term period. They may be issued for the following reasons:

  • publicity events
  • filming
  • commercial relocation
  • goods and material deliveries
  • short-term infrastructure works
  • resident relocation, up to three days maximum.

How do I apply for my parking permit?

Please visit the 'How do I apply for a parking permit?' webpage for all the information you need on how to apply.

Note: each permit application must be made separately and is subject to the maximum number of permits the property is eligible for.

Residents moving in or out of the area

There is no charge for reasonable temporary parking in relation to resident relocation. However, an application form must be submitted and approved.

Coverage provided by the Permit

Vehicles displaying a current temporary parking permit may provide exemptions from the following restrictions in the street listed on the permit:

  • time limited restrictions (green signs) including paid parking
  • permit zones
  • loading zones under special circumstances.

Permitted vehicles are not exempt from Clearways, No Stopping Areas and other red parking signs or other statutory regulations.

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