These permits allow you to park in a specific area for a short time. You might use one to move house, accept a delivery, drop off gear and more. Make sure you apply at least 5 business days before you need the permit. 

We issue temporary permits for: 

  • publicity events
  • filming
  • commercial relocation
  • goods and material deliveries
  • short-term infrastructure works
  • resident relocation, up to 3 days maximum.

Applying for a temporary parking permit

To apply for a resident relocation permit, please have the vehicle registration handy or if it is unknown, please use the name of the moving company in place of the registration.
To apply for an interim permit due to your vehicle being damaged, please have the registration details of your replacement vehicle handy and the details of your current permit.
To apply for a filming permit please email the details first to to receive a quote.

Moving in or out of the area

If you are moving house and need to park in a restricted parking area, you need to apply for a permit so that our officers understand what is happening and when. Make sure you apply for a permit at least 5 days before you need it. We don’t charge you for a permit, but you must still apply and be given a permit.

Using a temporary parking permit

You can park on the street listed on the permit in:

  • time limited areas (green signs), including paid parking
  • permit zones
  • loading zones (under special circumstances).

The permit is not valid for clearways, no stopping areas and other red parking signs or statutory regulations.

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