These permits are for organisations that provide care and services to residents in their home.

This permit can only be used to park outside your client’s residential property. You can’t use the permit to park at the office or at your own home, even if it is in the area listed on the vehicle’s permit.

Permits are for one vehicle, are not transferable, and last 12 months. Organisations need to request to update their permits if they are still required after the initial 12 month period.

Each Community Service parking permit has a $25 fee payable upon application.

Apply or re-apply for a permit

A CEO, manager or someone senior at an organisation must apply for these permits.

Make sure the application letter is written on official letterhead and includes the:

  • reason a permit is required
  • registration of the vehicle that will use the permit
  • name of the person who will use the permit and their role within the organisation
  • details of permit use – how often per week, which days and times.

Step by step guide to online applications

To apply:

  1. register an account for the organisation
  2. select apply for a permit
  3. choose ‘Community Service Parking Permit’
  4. enter the organisation address (if located in City of Port Phillip. If not, contact us)
  5. add the vehicle registration details
  6. click lodge and accept the terms and conditions
  7. attach the vehicle registration document (the details for the specific employee’s vehicle, or fleet vehicle details) AND the application letter
  8. select ‘Other people’ – if this permit is for an employee’s personal vehicle, add their name and details here
  9. finalise and lodge.

Permits for service providers not located in Port Phillip

Contact us to find out how to lodge an application if the organisation does not have an office in the City of Port Phillip – email

Using a community service parking permit

Use this type of permit to park outside a client’s house. Make sure you park in front of or along the side of the residential property and display the permit on the lower passenger side of the front windscreen.

With the permit you can park:

  • outside a residential property (only)
  • in a permit zone
  • for free
  • for longer than timed restrictions (if 30 minutes or longer).

Where the permit is not valid

You cannot park in Clearways and No Stopping areas. Your permit is not valid if you park outside a shop, office, industrial or community land, or in an off-street car park.

Don’t copy, reproduce or tamper with your permit. Make sure you display it correctly. If the parking enforcement officer can’t see it, you may get a parking infringement notice.

For home visits only

A residential property is one that is used 100 per cent for residential purposes. Properties that have a mixed use, such as apartments on upper floors above a business, are not considered residential. See our Parking Management Policy.

If we think a parking permit is being misused, we may ask Victoria Police to investigate it as a criminal offence.

Member of Parliament municipality parking permit

Permits need to be requested via the online request portal.  Please submit your request on letterhead, including vehicle registration and any relevant information pertaining to tenure or employment, which should include days and times the permit is expected to be in use.

The vehicle displaying a valid permit will not be required to pay for parking when conducting work related activities in the City of Port Phillip during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 7am to 7pm). All other restrictions, permit areas, etc. apply at all times.

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