Permits will not be issued or be valid for the purpose of all day parking in the area surrounding the organisations' office.

Apply for or renew a permit

Applications for a Community Service Permit must come from the Organisation's CEO, Manager or a senior executive. The written application request or request for renewal must include:

  • the organisations official letterhead
  • an outline why the permit is required
  • the registration details of the vehicle that will use the permit
  • the name of the person that will use the permit and their role within the organisation
  • the permits weekly frequency of use including days and times care or services is provided

When renewing, the request should be made at least 14 days prior to the permit expiry date to ensure continuous coverage.

Coverage provided by the Permit

Vehicles displaying a valid community service permit are:

  • authorised to park in a Permit Zone
  • exempt from timed restrictions that are 30 minutes or longer, when the vehicle is parked in front of or along the side of a residential property
  • exempt from paying the fee in paid parking locations when the vehicle is parked in front of or along the side of a residential property

Permits do not exempt drivers from Clearways and No Stopping areas.

Permits are not valid if the vehicle is parked in front of or along the side of a non-residential property, including:

  • commercial
  • retail
  • industrial
  • community land uses
  • off street car parks.

Council defines a Residential property as being a property that is used 100 per cent for residential purposes. Properties that have a mixed use, such as apartments on upper floors and a café, shop or business on ground floor, are not considered residential under the parking permit policy.

How to display the Permit

The permit must be clearly displayed on the lower passenger side of the front windscreen with all permit details clearly visible.

If permits are not displayed correctly, they may not be visible to the parking enforcement officers and this may lead to the vehicle receiving a parking infringement notice.

Parking infringement notices may not be withdrawn if a permit is not correctly displayed.

Permits do not exempt drivers from Clearways, No Stopping areas or Loading Zones

Permits must not be used for business parking purposes.

Permits must not be copied, reproduced or tampered with.

If a Council identifies a case of parking permit misuse, the matter may be referred to Victoria Police for investigation as a criminal offence.

How long is the Permit issued for?

Permits are issued for a maximum period of 12 months.

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